5 Myths about Handmade

I make a bunch of stuff. I professionally make a bunch of stuff. And, as a supporter of my fellow crafters, I also buy a lot of handmade stuff.

And I’ve noticed there are a few myths floating around about handmade goods. So, let’s bust them, shall we?

myths about handmade

Myth 1: Handmade items look old-fashioned/out-of-date. Oh, please. Did your grandmother have a mountain-shaped pillow? I think not!

Myth 2: Handmade goods are for babies and kids. Totally not true. Search for leather on Etsy. Tons of stuff for guys.

Myth 3: You can’t get useful handmade stuff. Oy, vey. Scroll down and I’ll tell you about my broom.

Myth 4: Handmade items are poorly made/won’t last as long as manufactured goods. Have you ever bought a shirt from a store that fell apart in a month? Manufactured isn’t so great! Goods made by an artisan are usually built with quality materials, and can last a lifetime.

Myth 5: Handmade is for special occasions/gifts only. You’d be surprised how many things people make! When I need anything (even if it’s a broom), I look around, and see if I can find a handmade one before buying it in the store. Handmade is for everyday!

My Broom

Don’t believe me that handmade goods can be practical, everyday items? Let me show you my broom.

handmade broom

Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s handmade. The handle is a natural, ergonomincally-curved piece of wood. The bristles are hand-cut (did you know a properly cut broom stands up on it’s bristles?)

It’s a pleasure to sweep with. And, if I ever need the bristles replaced (which will be in a decade, since it was made so well), I can send it back to its maker and have it restrung.

That’s quality. And I supported an artisan working to keep the craft of broom-making alive.

And it was only $25. A similar price to purchasing a manufactured broom from Target.

What’s not to love about handmade?!?

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