A behind-the-scenes peek at the making of a Kit Club

I promised my Ravelry Group that I’d take photos of the process of putting together the first shipment of my Kit Club. And since I already have the photos… why not share with everyone, right?

By the Numbers

  • Number of members: 120
  • Boxes: 120
  • Spools of Ribbon: 4
  • Sheets of Labels: 16
  • Grams of beads: 1080
  • Number of customs forms: 34
  • Hours at the post office: 1.5
  • Record at local post office for longest transaction: 2.5 hours
  • Length of post office receipt: 12 feet, 8 inches

The photos!

Cutting labels for kit club
cutting ribbon
winding yarn
checking off the to-do list
boxes in car
at the post office


15 replies on “A behind-the-scenes peek at the making of a Kit Club

  • PattyCrochets

    Many thanks to You & Tim. The kits are beautiful & I felt like I was opening a gift (which I was actually). Your attention to detail is unmatched! I look forward to future kits.

  • Joyce Fisher

    Stacey that is awe inspiring. Because I live in Australia I won’t get my kit for a little while yet, so I can only wait with controlled patience as I read the comments of those who have already received their kits.
    But I also comfort myself with the fact that in 22 days I will be sitting in a workshop with you, in Sydney, making a lady bird and owl. That has to be at the top of the list for best Christmas gifts ever.
    Have a safe and speedy flight to Oz.
    Joyce :)

  • Pauline

    wow Stacey this is so amazing can i just say that is so awesome and in your PJ’s too lol will have to get me fiances right to send for one some time soon :O) Have a Merry Christmas from over the pond in New Zealand :O) Pauline aka lizmay

  • Alaina Frederick

    Holy Moses! So what did the post office have to say about that car load!?!?!?!?!?

    Can’t wait to find out what the pattern is once people post their completed pieces! Next time around I will be your first Kit Club enrollee :)

  • Leslie

    This is a cute post and makes me appreciate my kit even more! I squealed when I saw the box waiting for me at home!! (So happy that it fit into my not-so-large mailbox, too, to save a trip from having to wait a day and retrieve it from the post office.) One of my fav patterns, too, and such a cute idea! Thanks for a behind-the-scenes look at all of your hard work to send us fans some cuteness! And so happy to be in the club :)

  • june

    you did an awesome job of putting these together! I can’t wait to finish up all my christmas projects so I can start on mine! Looking forward to more!

  • Michelle

    the kit was packaged so well, what fun it was to open up and look through! I am a little worried about what a purple crab will look like, but I hope to find out soon…

  • Rae Haller

    I love the pics of this fabulous event! I had so much to do for Christmas, and the new year, I could not participate, but wait until the next one. I already have it on my calendar, with two reminders even!!! Since I did not know what the kit was making, Michelle let me know. Should be adorable. I’ve made many red crabs, a persimmon one with bow and earrings, one red one with a Bowie, and white cuffs(tips), and also a blue one (uncooked). Am sure a purple one will be cute too.

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