The dolls are here!

I’m so excited… I’ve been waiting for this day for a while!

FreshStitches Dolls are here!

I’ve been wanting to design a line of dolls for a while… I knew they needed to be cute and adorable, but also easy to crochet. I was letting the ideas simmer in my head until I came up with some designs that were just right:

amigurumi dolls collection

Don’t you love them?

There’s Olivia, the ballerina, Mia, the cutie with curly hair, Avery, the doll with a dress and Ethan, the boy doll!

Olivia the Ballerina is sporting an adorable tutu and ballet slippers:

crochet tutu

I made sure to include a boy doll… because I don’t think dolls are just for girls! Little boys like playing with dolls, too! And check out Ethan’s adorable sneakers:

crochet sneakers

The dolls are 18″ tall when completed… so big and cuddly!

Crocheted Doll

Grab the e-book

Of course, each of these dolls are cuties. But, I wanted everyone to be able to crochet a doll that looked just like them (or their little one)! So, I created the A Doll Like Me! e-book!

Crochet Doll pattern ebook

The e-book contains everything you need to make your custom doll! Check out all of the options:

Custom doll crochet pattern

Curly hair, straight hair, a dress, pants, sneakers, ballet slippers… all of the options to crochet the dolls I’ve shown you, plus your own custom doll!

I want everyone to be able to make their own cutie… so this week only, you can grab the A Doll Like Me! ebook for only $18! The price will return to it’s usual $20 next week, and is a huge savings over buying the doll patterns individually!

Which doll are you going to make?

I have a little secret… the next crochet-a-long (beginning May 23rd) is going to be a doll-a-long! So, it’s a good time to grab the pattern and start thinking about what you’re doll’s going to be wearing!

And because finding a great skin-tone yarn can be tricky, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions:

sskin color yarn suggestions

I can’t wait to see everyone’s dolls!

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  • Ellisen

    Bravo! Congratulations on your dolls! I would buy the ebook in a second, if my new credit card would just arrive in the mail!
    Love the dolls! And I have lots of grandchildren who will, too!

  • Joan

    These dolls are unique and adorable cute, you did a wonderful job in the making of all of this lovable creative dolls, thank you. I had a wonderful morning, I got all the doll patterns, I’m gonna have much funtimes making them.

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