Are you making this stitch marker mistake?

As crocheters, we all love our locking stitch markers.

locking stitch markers

If you use the plastic ones like I do, you might be doing something that’s slowly ruining them!

Gasp! You’d never hurt the little guy on purpose, right?

Of course not. You want your stitch markers to be happy and last (well, at least until you lose it under the sofa). So here’s what you have to do…

Store your stitch markers open

That’s it! That’s the key to a healthy and long-lasting locking stitch marker.

Why? If you store your marker closed, the plastic slowly bends until the ‘open position’ isn’t very open anymore:

closed stitch marker

That means that the marker is hard to slip onto your crochet piece. Boo.

So keep those markers open when you’re storing them, and they’ll keep working for you!

Psst! Not sure how to make a stitch marker work for you? Click here for the guide on how to use them!

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