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  • Morris and Sons Morris and Sons: Sydney, NSW, Australia

    store: Morris and Sons (formerly Tapestry Craft) address: 50 York St, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia website: date of visit: January, 2010 This is my last post about the yarn shops I visited in my recent trip to Australia (although, fingers crossed that I’ll go back soon!). And, although I don’t mean to play […]

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  • making amigurumi with no stuffing poking through How to keep stuffing from poking through amigurumi

    It’s a common problem when making amigurumi: the stuffing sometimes can be seen through the stitches, something nobody wants! Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to minimize the stuffing from poking through the stitches. The photo above is one of my amigurumi… and you can’t see a single bit of white fluff! Crochet through […]

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  • Cutting the bracelet to make stitch markers How to make stitch markers from an old bracelet

    This is an old bracelet that I bought when I was a teenager. I didn’t really wear it anymore, and it was showing signs of age… but I didn’t want to throw it out, because the hearts were so cute! That’s when I thought: I can make stitch markers! This bracelet was a great candidate […]

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  • Craft NSW: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    store: Craft NSW address: 104 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia website: date of visit: January, 2010 Okay, so this category is usually reserved for yarn stores… but today is an exception. Australian yarn can be very difficult to find (as I’ve said in my previous posts about visits to Australian yarn stores). […]

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  • Sew and Tell: Berry, New South Wales, Australia

    store: Sew and Tell address: Shop 2, 133 Queen Street, Berry, New South Wales, Australia website: N/A date of visit: December, 2009 Like many other yarn stores in Australia, Sew and Tell sells many things other than yarn, including materials for sewing, needle felting, cross stitch and needle point. Even though the yarn collection takes […]

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  • The Yarn Barn in Kansas The Yarn Barn: Lawrence, KS

    store: The Yarn Barn address: 930 Massachusetts Street Lawrence, KS 66044 website: date of visit: November, 2009 Let me begin by saying that even if the Yarn Barn were in the middle of nowhere, it would be worth the drive to visit. But, it’s in Lawrence, KS, which is (in my opinion) an adorable […]

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  • free mini sock pattern from FreshStitches Free knitted mini sock pattern!

    Little knitted sweater and stocking ornaments/keychains are popping up all over the place… and I thought I needed to have one, too! A couple days ago, I knitted a miniature sock, and thought I’d share the pattern with all of you! Click here to download the pattern. Miniature socks are a great project to do: […]

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