Guide to Crocheting Dog Toys

If you have a dog, you probably think of him as a member of the family… so wouldn’t you want to crochet him a sweet toy?

guide to crocheting dog toys

When crocheting for a dog, safety is the top priority! It’s a lot like crocheting for a baby, with a few extra considerations to keep in mind.

Don’t use buttons or plastic parts!

Some dogs are avid chewers, and even ‘safety eyes’ can come off when the fabric they’re attached to has been chewed through. I don’t need to give details about the digestion distress a swallowed eye can give your pup… so just avoid them!

dogs and plastic eyes

For any plush, you can easily add baby-safe crocheted eyes instead of plastic ones.

Select a Sturdy Yarn

Linen would totally rock, but so would wool or cotton. Nothing too soft (no merino!), because you want it to hold up. Even the gentle-est dog will have the toy in it’s mouth!

Don’t forget to also select a machine washable yarn… because you’ll probably want to wash it!

Crochet a tighter gauge than usual

I used a size G hook on a worsted weight yarn- giving me a very stiff fabric. This will help almost any yarn last longer and stand up to more chewing.

Keep it Safe

Don’t make a super-tiny toy. I don’t know what the exact minimum size is, but make a toy that’s about the size of the toys you see sold in shops- that way you know you’ll be safe.

If you follow these tips, you can crochet an adorable toy that your pup will love… and will last through lots of playing!

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  • Theresa

    Hi! Found your site thru #crochetchat & love these dog toys! If only my dogs weren’t such aggressive chewers (2 full grown Boxers), they would have a whole basket of these!

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