Feeling uninspired? How to pick yourself back up.

The other day, I was chatting to a friend about why I love doing yoga. I said, “I love that you can participate at whatever level you feel like in the same class. When I’m feeling awesome, I kick every pose up a notch. And when I’m feeling like a slug, I can take it easy.

My friend (half-joking) asked, “Wait. YOU have days where you feel like a slug?

Yellow crochet banana slug

Of course I do! It doesn’t matter how energetic, upbeat or strong you usually are… there are going to be days where you feel like a slug.

The secret to picking yourself up

It’s normal to have days where you feel uninspired. When you just want to collapse on the sofa, you can still be productive. Let me share with you what I do.

When I’m planning my week, I make sure to add in required components. These are things that I will do basically no matter what. Go to yoga. Crochet something. Clean house.

When I’m feeling blah, I take the opportunity to do these things that don’t require inspiration. It’s a good time to take your daily walk. To weave in some ends on a project.

Turning antennae right-side out

It’s not the time to come up with a new design. And that’s okay!

If you work through the times when you’re feeling uninspired, you’ll notice your energy coming back. You’ll be inspired again before you know it!

9 replies on “Feeling uninspired? How to pick yourself back up.

  • HennaLadyKim

    Thanks for the inspiration you share with us each day! I would love to make myself a slug to remind myself. Are you sharing the pattern for it?? “)

  • Nadine Roberts

    So true. I find my best ideas come when I am doing something “menial”. I free my mind to just let whatever happen. But make sure you always have a notebook or piece of paper handy for when it hits!

  • Candy

    I ADORE this slug!!!! Are there directions? I’m a newbie (still trying to figure out the magic circle) and am inspired to finally figure it out so I can make this slug!!!!

  • Hilda Erro

    I began to do Pilates a few months ago, and it has helped me very much to be on control of my breath and my body. Pilates enfasizes a lot on breathing and on focusing on the parts of the body you´re working on, trying to disociate that parts from the rest of them, in order not to make unnecesary efforts. I have also learned that, if you concentrate on breathing, keeping out of your mind any other thought than inhaling and exhaling, a peaceful sensation invades your body and keeps worries and fears away.
    Changing the subject of this comment, I wanted to ask if any of you have difficulties in receiving new posts from Stacey in your Email. I don´t know why, but I´m not receiving them, and I´m sure I didn´t unsuscribe from Stacey´s blog. I´ll apreciate very much if anyone could help on this trouble.

    • Profile photo of Stacey


      Hi Hilda!
      Thanks so much for chiming in about Pilates- it’s such a great exercise and I’m so happy you’re finding that it helps in this domain, as well!
      About the email: did you enter your email address on the sidebar of this blog? Or sign up for the newsletter? If it was the newsletter, then you only get about one email a month.
      In any case, feel free to email me directly (stacey@freshstitches.com) so we can get this worked out!

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