Free pattern alert: Frankie the Lobster!

The idea was born…

Two years ago, I had an idea for an irresistibly cute amigurumi: a lobster. When I dreamed him up, I knew he had to have that oh-so-lobsteresque tail, big ol’ pinchers and antennae. Here’s what I came up with:

Okay, maybe I’m biased, but… isn’t he adorable? That’s my Frankie!

Frankie hits the calendar!

Frankie and I had dreams that he’d make it big someday (you know… away from the fear of getting caught up in a fisherman’s net), so he set off for Interweave to audition to be in CrochetMe’s 2012 Amigurumi calendar.

And he made it in!

I’m delighted to announce that Frankie is Mr. August!

Aren’t you so excited for him? (and proud of how he got over his fear of fishnets for the photo shoot…)

Grab your pattern, today!

Frankie being Mr. August is good news for you, too! Because until August 8th, you can download the pattern for Frankie for FREE!

Just visit CrochetMe’s website to grab your copy.

If you miss out on the download this week, you’ll have to purchase the whole eBook in order to get this adorable lobster… so download it for free while you can!

Happy August!

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