How to count stitches in your first round of amigurumi

Crochet a long Slug amigurumi freshstitches

We’re right in the middle of the slug-a-long, so you can guess what I’m crocheting… a slug!

Actually, I’m making two. I’m making a yellow one, like the slug pictured in the pattern and I’m also making a giant slug:

Crocheting a giant slug

Yarn: Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) in Magenta, 4 strands held together

Hook: size N

So much fun!

How to count the stitches in the first round

For those of you who are crocheting-a-long (or slugging-a-long?) with me, I’ve made a video to show you how to count the stitches in your first round.

In my opinion, counting the stitches in the first round is the trickiest, because there’s a weird little extra bit hanging around from your initial chain two. If you accidentally crochet into that weird bit, you’re count for the second round will be off, too!

So, have a peek at the video!

To view the video in full-screen, click play, then click on the rectangle in the bottom right-hand corner!

Of course, this tip will help you out with any amigurumi you’re crocheting… hope you’ll find it useful!

Are you working on a fun slug?

I can’t tell you how excited I am about my giant slug… it’s going to be so big!

The facebook album and Ravelry thread are already filling up with great slug photos… so be sure to keep me filled in on what you’re working on!

That’s what I’ve been up to this week… how about you? I hope you have an awesome Wednesday, and get some great knitting/crocheting done this week!

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