My finished Stellanti!

I was very productive with all that time I spent on the airplane… I finished knitting my Stellanti!

Stellanti knitted shawl

Isn’t it lovely?

Beaded Knitted Shawl, gradient yarn, Stellanti

Project Page: on Ravelry

Check out the tutorial on how to dye a gradient yarn!

It was my first project knitting with beads, and I had a blast!

knitting with beads, close up of shawl

Unfortunately, I didn’t use the entire 490 yards that I dyed, and the shawl ended before I got to the final (purple) section of color of yarn. I thought about making the shawl larger to use up more yarn, but I think it looks fine, as is.

Knitting with beads, shawl

I even had enough airplane-time to cast on for a new shawl… I’ll show you what it is next Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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I hope you have an awesome and craft-filled weekend!

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