Tip for knitting & crocheting with eyelash yarn

Eyelash yarn is a fun way to add a texture to your finished project… but, it can be a little bit of a pain to work with!

eyelash novelty yarn

Particularly when crocheting, it can be difficult to see the stitches in a work when eyelash yarn is used:

difficult to see stitches in eyelash yarn

See how hard it is to see the stitches clearly?

I have an easy trick for working with eyelash yarn, that’ll make it easier to see your crochet stitches.

Hold together with a plain yarn

It’s that easy! Hold your eyelash yarn together with a strand of plain yarn!

crocheting with eyelash yarn 3

I’m showing a contrasting color yarn in my example (so that you can clearly see the strands), but you’d want to use a strand of coordinating yarn.

The plain yarn will give your stitches a nice base, while you’ll still get the fluff from the eyelash yarn. To use, hold together and crochet as usual:

how to crochet with eyelash yarn

Yarn: a mystery German yarn from my stash, held with Ella Rae 100% wool

Hook: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz

Now, notice, that the stitches are much more clearly defined:

how to crochet with eyelash yarn

It’ll still take some getting used to, but this tip will help you crochet with eyelash yarn with a little more ease!

Crocheting with two strands of yarn will alter your gauge. Either consider using a larger hook (and fidgeting with the pattern instructions), or use a strand of sock-weight yarn, which will change the gauge less drastically than a thicker yarn.

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  • renee

    yeah you made my day daughter lives in hawaii and want too send her this also am going too make them and hang around my apt. of course fresh ones are our desires but hey this is the coolest project so happy thanx so much for the tute too renee

  • lucia thiel

    Thank you so much for posting this, I’m constantly having my friends ask me how I make the tutu’s for my cats dresses, and when I explain the eyelash yarn they look at me like I’m a weirdo, this explains it alot better, thank you!

  • sandy t.

    What a great idea! I have tried working with Homespun and eyelash yarns, but at age 64 and wearing tri-focals, I just can’t see my stitches. I can’t wait to try this! Thank You for a great tip!

  • Gillian

    Great tip! A friend wants me to crochet a fluffy guinea pig and I knew the eyelash was difficult to use, but, using two yarn strands is ideal. Thank You.

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