Are your eyeballs on straight? Amigurumi eyeballs, I mean!

Crochet a long Slug amigurumi freshstitches

Are you having fun in the slug-a-long?

Today, I’m going to talk about a couple of questions that have come up about eyes. Your slug will be lookin’ at you straight-on after this post!

How to prevent ‘over-buggy’ eyes

Hannah the slug has buggy eyes. They’re crocheted white bulbs with a plastic eye in the center.

Sometimes, the plastic eye sticks out too far, and looks ‘over-buggy’. How do you fix it? Easy!

Attaching a plastic eye to crocheted eye

The over-bugginess (is that a word?) happens when the stuffing (in the crocheted eye) pushes on post of the plastic eye, and pushes it out. The fix? Just wiggle the plastic eye a bit, to nestle the post into the stuffing. Fixed! (as pictured above)

How to get your eyes to face forward

I like the look of a google-y-eyed slug… and to be honest, the eyes on mine rarely face perfectly straight ahead. But, I have a tip to help out.

How to position eyes so that they face forward crochet

When deciding where to position your eye, rotate the crocheted eye so that the pupil faces forward. Now, begin attaching (using the long tail) wherever it happens to be. Use a locking stitch marker to secure, if necessary.

By working with where the tail already is, you’ll get your eyes facing forward!

How to attach to two rounds

The eyes (and antennae) in the slug are attached to two rounds. How does that work?

The last round of the eye has 12 stitches. To attach to two rounds, attach 6 stitches of the eye to the front loops on one round and 6 on the next!

how to attach a crocheted eye

Now, if you’ve followed the 2nd tip (start attaching wherever your tail is), you may do something like this: attach 3 sts to one round, attach 6 to the second round, then the remaining 3 back on the first round.

It’s not an exact science… just work to get those eyeballs on there!

Is your slug ready for to see the world?

how to attach crocheted eyes

I hope these tips make you feel confident about giving your slug some eyes!

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