Did someone ask for a unicorn?

I know there’s a tempting hint at unicorns in the title… but I’m not going to get to that until I share my book progress. Because I’m really proud of it.

Book Progress… check me out!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I made a huge effort to put the finishing touches on lots of projects. I mean… limbs laying around in bags on my studio floor just isn’t terribly inspiring, is it?

See all of those blue circles? Those are things that are completely finished! Go me!

And the grand count…

I’m 87% finished! Yay!

Okay, I’ll ‘fess up… that number is a little bit misleading. I’m 87% of the way finished with crocheting the projects and typing the book manuscript. There’s a fair number of tasks that I actually have to do before I submit the manuscript. For example, I need to:

  • photograph all angles of each project, both for my records and for the photographer… so he can properly display the item in case it gets squashed in shipping.
  • label each project (with a unique reference number), create a list of all of those numbers, indicate where (in the book) each project photograph should be placed.
  • pack each project for save shipping!
  • create swatches of unique stitches/techniques so that the illustrator can make the proper illustrations.
  • type up notes for the graphic designer (ideas on how I’d like the book to ‘look’).
  • tape each yarn label I used to a sheet of paper, as well as compile a list of phone numbers for all yarn companies used, so that the publisher can verify the yarns will be available at the publishing date.

Oh… I’m probably forgetting something, but it’s okay. My point is, there’s still a lot to do even after the projects have been crocheted and typed! I find those final steps pretty rewarding, though… because when they’re done, I end up with a tidy package of finished work! Squee!

Unicorn time?

I often ask my readers/customers which animals they’d like to see me make… and it’s a long list! But, a unicorn has gotten quite a few mentions recently, so I decided it was time to start designing one!

And, of course… who doesn’t like a little extra value in their pattern? It’s not only going to be a unicorn pattern, but a horse pattern as well!

Yarn (left): Ella Rae Classic Wool

Yarn (right): Caron Simply Soft

What do you think?

I know I’m not too far along, yet… but do you like the colors?

Snowflakes for Karrie’s family

Yesterday, I wrote about the loss of a lovely person in the crochet/knitting world, Karrie from KnitPurlGurl. Of course, everyone’s still mourning, and looking for ways to contribute to her family, which includes a young son.

I read on Karrie’s Ravelry group that Karrie had been crocheting snowflakes for their Christmas tree this year, as their collection went missing in a recent move. Her family is asking for donations of crocheted snowflakes in her memory.

What a fabulous idea! Check out this thread on Ravelry for details if you’d like to contribute.

That’s what I’ve been up to this week… how about you? I hope you have an awesome Wednesday, and get some great knitting/crocheting done this week!

If you want to check out more Work-In-Progress posts, please check out Tami’s Ami’s Blog, who’s been organizing a great WIP Wednesday blog theme! And, don’t forget to come back for FO (Finished Object) Friday!

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