20 Things about Stacey

I’ve been really enjoying this meme on Instagram… the poster writes 20 things about themselves! I’ve learned so many fun things about the people I follow!

But I can’t imagine typing that much on my phone, so I figured I’d do it the old fashioned way!

Here are 20 things about me! (in no particular order)

stacey with kangaroos australia

1. I make all of our house’s yogurt and bread from scratch.

2. I have vasovagal syncope, which means that I can faint as a response to pain. It’s the same mechanism that makes folks faint if they see blood or needles, but that doesn’t happen to me.

3. I absolutely love sports. I adore American football, cricket, baseball (we have season tickets to the Twins!), marathon running and cycling. I’m watching the Tour de France as I write this! Fortunately, my hubby is also a sports fiend.

4. I’m immune to caffeine. Seriously, I can drink coffee immediately before bed or go weeks without it at all… it just doesn’t make a difference. It’s probably because my grandparents started giving me my ‘motivation’ when I was 6 years old.

5. I have a Ph.D., but I’ve never used it for anything useful.

6. One of my pet peeves is when someone insists on being called ‘doctor’. If we’re going to be friends, then I’m going to like you for who you are. I don’t want to be told your resume. Some of the awesome-est people I know didn’t finish high school.

7. My engagement ring it moissannite. It’s a gemstone that’s nearly as hard as a diamond, but not anywhere close to as expensive!

8. I changed my name when I got married, but I still use my maiden name for business purposes.

9. My hubby is Australian. He feels pretty indifferent about vegemite, but he loves Tim Tams and cricket.

10. I’ve lived in 4 states in 5 years: Maryland, Connecticut, New York (upstate) and now Minnesota.

11. I had my first ever manicure this year (at 31 years old!) for my sister-in-law’s wedding. I’ve since had my second!

12. I typically travel out of state (or country) 1-2 times a month. 2014 has included: Australia (twice), Mexico, California, Denver, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin, Georgia, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa and Kansas. South Dakota, Wyoming, Illinois, Ohio, Califoria (again) and Connecticut are on the schedule for the next 3 months.

13. My phone is on a pay-by-minute plan. I use it very infrequently and it’s much cheaper than a monthly plan!

14. I learned to knit when I applied for a job at a yarn store. My first project was a Noni felted bag.

15. I use hankies (instead of tissues) and cloths (in place of paper towels). I haven’t bought paper towels in 5 years.

16. I love trying new foods. The list of weird things I’ve eaten is too long to list, but highlights include: dog, lamb brains, pine needle soda, pig ears and reindeer. I also love raw meat!

17. My perfect day includes being in bed by 9pm. I can only make it past 10pm with the help of a mid-day nap.

18. I run nearly every day, and I wear barefoot running shoes. I highly recommend ‘Born to Run’ (book) to anyone who will listen!

19. My hubby is a professor, which means he works (at minimum) 12 hour days during the semester (weekends often included!). My position is often referred to as ‘academic widow’!

20. My personal yarn stash is surprisingly small. It can fit comfortably in 2 Rubbermaid containers… I’m just not a stasher!

22 replies on “20 Things about Stacey

  • Tina

    Very Interesting, and so down to earth/real. Thanks for sharing! Love receiving and reading the emails.

  • sheila Zachariae

    Stacey, you and I are similar. I use cloth napkins at the table instead of paper. Haven’t bought any paper napkins for about 30 years.


  • Michele junkitup

    You have a PhD? In what? That is so awesome!!

    If you weren’t a crochet designer, what would you have done as a career?

    • Stacey

      Eh, it’s pretty boring, I promise!
      I don’t know what I would have done as a career if I didn’t become a crochet designer. I have so many interests! I think I would have always ended up working for myself, I really enjoy the variety and flexibility.

  • Eleanor Meagher

    Enjoyed getting to know you and that you did it the old fashioned way. I crochet and working on a Care Bear. It is definitely a learning process and I am learning how to improve the next one. I am practicing making a Magic Circle. I would love to hear from any others who are also doing a Care Bear or have completed one.

  • Lovey Rogers

    I admire your down to earth and truthful nature….I love your crochet patterns and Craftsy classes…I have been crocheting and knitting for 50+yrs and you have made it even more enjoyable by your simple/sensible techniques….You….Ms Stacey are a Perfect Role Model for this 64 yr old..too Southern Lady!!!!! I send You Blessings Each and Every Day…

  • Cheryl

    Thanks for sharing so much about yourself, Stacey. You’re a very accomplished person and should be so very proud of yourself. I learned so very much from your Craftsy class on how to design your own monsters and I’m currently working on the animals in your book, Crocheted Softies, which I absolutely love. Keep up the great work and I always look forward to receiving these emails from you.

  • YarnAddictAnni

    My family in Norway eat roast reindeer for Christmas and we had it for our wedding. My English husband’s friends & family were a bit sceptic but enjoyed it.

    • Stacey

      Yes, I can understand the skepticism… especially since reindeer are things we only see in cartoons at Christmas :) But really, they’re a lot like deer (which I grew up eating), so it’s not so crazy!

  • MJ462

    I love that you enjoy the little things in life! And I read your comment about you doing public events…what sort of public events? And do you do them out of your state? Thank you and have a nice day! :)

  • Maria

    I’m immune to caffeine too! I think it’s a genetic thing, because my Dad’s the same. And for me it certainly can’t have been because of early exposure – I didn’t start drinking it untill I was in my 20s. :)

    • Stacey

      Ah, that’s interesting! My mom gets a headache if she doesn’t have coffee in the morning (which I take as a sign of addiction and certainly not immunity!), so I’m not sure where I get it from! Maybe it can skip a generation :)

  • Shauna

    Interesting list! Thanks for sharing :) I’m pretty sure I’m immune to caffeine too, it never seems to bother me if I drink it before bed!

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