3KCBWDAY7: Balance in the Fiber World

Life is all about balance, isn’t it? For me, being content means striking just the right balance between being challenged and interested, but still relaxed. Oh, of course… and be surrounded by yarn!

Balancing Difficulty

At all times, I like to have one ‘interesting’ project and one ‘mindless’ project going on. So, I often have one project that I’m working on that’s slightly complicated… it means that I need to look at the pattern, and I’m probably learning new skills:

And then I like to have a project that I can work on while reading, talking with friends, or walking around town:

(the cuff of a sock is one of those great mindless activities!)

Balancing Knitting and Crocheting

I both knit and crochet (check out my goals for each, in this post), and I find that alternating between the two keeps both my brain and wrists happy.

I’m prone to sore wrists (read here about the exercises I do that help), and I find that since the motions of knitting and crocheting are different, doing a bit of each during my day keeps repetitive stress pains away!

Balancing Work and Play

Since I crochet professionally, it’s important to continue to love my work! I don’t crochet for work after 6pm, when I switch over to my ‘fun’ knitting and crochet projects. It’s a balance that ensures that I never tire of my work, and I face the new day bright and perky!

Thanks for stopping by!

How do you find balance? What’s crucial for you? Any tips or tricks to share?

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4 replies on “3KCBWDAY7: Balance in the Fiber World

  • Truly Myrtle

    I always just love your photos – whether you are knitting or crocheting your projects look stunning!
    I like the bit about keeping your brain and wrist happy – I get a pain in my hand from too much knitting, perhaps I should persevere crochet to balance things out…

  • sarahfay

    I also have 1 serious project and 1 fun one going on at the same time. Only, I do this for both knitting and crocheting. So at any given time I have at least 4 projects going. Fun. Right :P I like your idea to stop working on work after 6pm and doing fun projects. This is something I’m going to seriously consider.

  • Marie/Underground Crafter

    Interesting – I do most of my crocheting and knitting in the evenings since I have a full time job. This of course includes the professional (perhaps unfun) crochet as well as the personal stuff. I would love to one day create a time barrier for fun crochet!

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