My knitting goals… what will I do this year?

Aww… today’s the last day of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week!

Doesn’t that make you sniffle a little bit?

4th Annual knitting and crochet blog week

Alas, it’s time to think about where I want to be in my knitting life… this time next year!

Goal: overcome start-anxiety

Many knitters I know have start-it-is: their favorite part is casting on for a project… so they do it often and usually before the previous project is finished.

mrs. tumnus shawl cast on

I’m the total opposite: since my favorite part of the project is being in the middle (once I’ve memorized the pattern and am cruising along), I have the hardest time casting on!

So, my goal for this year is to alleviate my start-anxiety… here are some of my ideas:

  • Spend more time browsing projects on Ravelry, so that I get more choices in my faves
  • Dedicate a night a week to knitting… some quiet time that’ll make it easy to concentrate on a tough start
  • Get more than one project going at once, so that my ‘relaxing time’ is distributed between projects

Giggle. Many of my friends have the goal of spending less time on Ravelry and having fewer WIPs… but what can I say? I’m an odd duck!

Goal: Continue working on my wardrobe

I love to make things that I actually wear.

Unfortunately, sometimes I get tempted by a fun pattern or yarn… that turns out to be completely impractical for frequent wearing.


(I knit this piece in a yarn that was way too heavy!)

Maybe the design looks beautiful, but is a sweater that actually won’t fit under my coat. Or maybe I’m trying to use up a weird yarn I already have… and it just doesn’t work well with the pattern.

I’m having a big think about what pieces of clothing I need in my wardrobe… and then knitting from there!


With those two goals in mind, I’m moving onward! I’m looking forward to this year of knitting!

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