A little sale… and spring!

Is it spring yet? I’m seeing hints that it’s coming!

Granted, I’m in sunny California where ‘winter’ means 60-degrees, but I’ve been spying photos of my Minnesotan friends out for lovely walks! So spring must be just around the corner!

What I’m up to

The first thing I think of when I hear ‘spring’ is ‘spring cleaning’. I just love that feeling of taking off your coat, throwing open the windows and clearing stuff out.

FreshStitches I Heart Yarn Necklace

So, I’ve decided to put all of the jewelry on FreshStitches on sale… and you’ll be able to see it without that coat on! So go ahead and grab and I Love Yarn necklace, Sheep Necklace or Owl Pin. Yay, sale! Up to 33% off!

I’m also going through my craft supplies and setting aside some things for an Instagram sale. Good stuff. Cheapo prices. Stay tuned.

And… I’m flying out to Stitches West! Squee! It’s so much fun and if you’re on the west coast, you should come. Even if it’s just for a day, the market is amazing. I hope to see you there!

And, if you haven’t entered to win this amazing organizer, then do that.

I’m currently reading Breathe Mama Breathe. A speedy read and a reminder to enjoy every moment!

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  • Paula

    I love the bunny teethers.. I have a bag of the wood rings , I bought to crochet Bunny Teethers, so I am going to give this a try.. Thank You for sharing this with us.. I love trying different things..👍💞👍

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