A Peek into the Club that’s Coming Next!

This week, I’m shipping the final shipment of the Kit Club. It’s been an amazing ride… it’s been 20 shipments (that’s over 3 years!) and maxed out at 600 subscribers. Whoa. That’s a lot of kits!

boxes kit club

Even thought it’s been amazing, I’m actually excited to end it because I know what’s coming next is really amazing. I started the club years ago with far fewer members… and the infrastructure that I put in place just couldn’t keep up. Combined with cumbersome software and rising shipping prices, I knew something needed to change to better serve my customers.

You might want to watch this video I made when I announced the decision to end the club:

Announcing, the FreshStitches Club!

In 2017, I’ll begin the FreshStitches Club! (but keep your eye out in December 2016 for an early-bird deal!)

I am just SO excited!

I’m still putting together the details, but here’s what I can tell you. For $6 a month, you can sign up to be a member of the Club. Members will get:

  • An exclusive pdf pattern every month
  • A 10% off discount of all craft eyes
  • Advance access to new products

FreshStitches craft eyes
And maybe (we’ll see if I can get the technology worked out): a rewards program, exclusive blog posts and other special discounts. It’s going to be amazing!

For those of you doing the math, you’ll be getting twice as many patterns as the Kit Club, for a cheaper price! Squee! I think this is going to be great for everyone, but especially my international customers who have been held back by high international shipping rates.

Are you excited? I am!

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