Announcing FreshStitches Knitting Patterns!

Wow… I’m full of announcements this week, aren’t I? Here’s another, in case you missed it.

Here’s another one… I’ve released a new collection of knitting patterns! I developed these patterns with my new yarn line in mind, but they’ll work great with pretty much any worsted weight yarn!

freshstitches knitting patterns

I’m so excited! And for you guys, a special! Buy 2, get the 3rd free… no coupon needed!

My design philosophy

My designing philosophy is just the same for my knitting designs as for my crocheted animals: patterns should be easy to understand, and accessible to a beginner who is open to learning something new. They should be interesting enough to keep you happy, but easy enough that they make great ‘watching tv’ knitting.

And I’ve delivered on every one of these three patterns. I couldn’t be more proud!

rainbow of freshstitches yarns

Even though though I developed these patterns with my new yarn colors in mind, they work great with lots of different color combos! (Check out Bento, below!) You might be interested in reading my Color Theory blog post and my more recent post about blending neutral colors and brights for inspiration!

Can I show you my new, fabulous patterns?

All of the amazing photos below were shot by Gale Zucker. Who’s amazing.


Have you noticed the craze going around with mini-skeins? But what do you DO with those little bits of yarn? Or leftovers?

Meet Chiclets!

Chiclets Chevron Rainbow Cowl by FreshStitches

This pattern uses 1 skein (175 yards) of Louet Gems Worsted (the sample is knitted in Cloud Grey) and 20 yards of 4 colors from my new line. The knitting is nice and easy, just a simple chevron pattern… but throw in some color changes and KA POW! Little bits that look like Chiclets!

FreshStitches chevron cowl Chiclets

The cowl is knit flat, and the only kinda tricky bit is working Intarsia… which just means doing color changes without stranding the yarn behind! This would make a great first Instarsia project.

I didn’t have time to knit ALL of the samples I have ideas for, so can I just share them with you? And you do all that knitting?

  • Instead of using only 4 colors, make this a real stash-buster and make each ‘chiclet’ a different color. That’s 12 colors total!
  • Stack the color changes vertically, creating an ombre cowl
  • Hold fingering weight yarn double to get a worsted gauge… and use those sock-yarn minis I know you have in your stash!
  • Use only 2 chiclet colors (maybe black & white?) for a super modern and sleek cowl

Aaah! I can’t wait to see these projects!

Go ahead and add this great pattern to your cart! (don’t forget, it’s buy 2, get 1 free!)


When I was designing Mixie, I wanted a simple project. Fun colors, mostly stockinette.

Mixie by FreshStitches

The result is this cutie, a kite-shaped wrap that’s really flexible to wear. Do you see all of those pretty yarn-overs on the border? Sure, they’re pretty… but they double as buttonholes! So you can button this up any way you want!

Mixie by FreshStitches

Isn’t that fun?

The sample shows 3 colors (FreshStitches Cherry, Clementine and Lemon), but you could turn this one into a stash-buster too… and have oodles of stripes!

Go ahead and add this great pattern to your cart! (get all 3 patterns for the price of 2!)


I began designing Bento as a project for an “Introduction to Shawl Knitting” class. A lot of students are nervous about knitting a shawl (what the heck is a garter stitch tab?) especially ones that contain beads and lace.

Well, ‘lace’ is really just a word for a stitch pattern that contains yarn overs, and if you can knit, purl, increase and decrease, then you can do it!

Bento Shawl by FreshStitches

And so Bento was born: a great shawl that gently introduces you to various stitch patterns, and even a bit of beads for bling.

Bento by FreshStitches

I love the shape and weight of this shawl. Sometimes shawls end up being pretty, but barely stay on your shoulders. Not this guy! The extra-wide shape means that it easily drapes over your shoulders.

Go ahead and add this great pattern to your cart! Get all 3 patterns for the price of 2, no coupon needed!)

Buy 2, get 1 free!

Can’t decide? You don’t have to! Until September 1st, Buy 2, get the 3rd free! No coupon needed!

You can click this link to automatically add all three patterns to your cart. The sale only applies to the patterns mentioned in this post.

I can’t wait to see what you make!

See these in person!

A trunk show featuring these patterns (as well as a few others in my new yarn line) are coming to an LYS near you! The party will start at Knit New Haven.

Ask your local yarn shop if they’re stocking the FreshStitches line of Louet Gems, and whether they’re signed up for the trunk show!

FreshStitches yarn, Olive You Baby cardigan

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