Book News: Page Proofs arrived!

Hip, Hip, Hooray! The page proofs for my new book have arrived, and they’re beautiful! For those of you not keeping track… I’m writing a crochet book of animals and baby things, to be published March, 2010 with Martingale Publishing. It’s a date that’s fast approaching…

I’ll tell you a bit about how (at least my) book publishing process has gone. In September 2008, I submitted a book proposal to Martingale Publishing. The proposal template is available for download from their website, and it’s basically information about yourself, detailed plans for the book, photos/drawings of project ideas and statements about how your book would fit into the marketplace. Along with the proposal, I sent along a couple of real-life stuffed animals (real-life in the stuffed animal sort of way- I mean, they’re 3-D, but not breathing) as examples.

Excitedly, I heard back from the company, and received a contract around January 2009. That’s when the fun started! From January to May, I designed, crocheted and wrote! I submitted my manuscript, and mailed all of the completed objects to Martingale, so that they could be photographed (it was a pretty big box…).

Then, there is a first round of edits. During this stage, I (and my super-amazing editor, Ursula) worked on formatting edits, comments about phrasing, etc. Then, I waited a little bit… and magic! While I was doing other things in my life, dozens of busy Martingale bees were doing all sorts of work: photography, design, illustrations… and it ends up in the prettiest little bundle of papers I’ve ever seen! On my very own doorstep!

PA030003So, now I’m at the ‘page proofs’ stage. This means that I have a stack of papers that contains all the photographs, illustrations and design elements in place, and I’m making the final changes. Here are my tools. The page proofs (duh). A red pen (for marking changes on the proofs). White Out (for un-making changes on the proofs). An empty coffee cup (It started out as a full one…). Water (important to stay hydrated). Tiny pink post-it notes (it’s not crucial that they be pink. These are for notes that I wasn’t ready to write in red ink yet. You can see my ‘used’ pile of notes on the right side of the desk.).

I’m really excited! There are still a couple little edits to make, and then the bundle gets sent back! Then, keep your eyes peeled for the book this March: it’s going to be cute!

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