Bunny Crochet Pattern

Meet Blair the Bunny

Oh sure… Blair is an adorable bunny. But she’s packing a secret disguise… a ghost costume!

Halloween ghost bunny

Isn’t she a cutie? Perfect for Halloween!

Of course, leave off the ghost costume and she’s just an adorable bunny!

Blair measures about 7-10″ tall (depending on ear floppiness) when completed with worsted weight yarn, but can be made bigger or smaller by using thicker or thinner yarn!

Materials Required

2 colors of yarn required to crochet size H crochet hook 5.0mm tapestry needle polyester stuffing 12mm black animal eyes

Caron Simply Soft is the yarn used in the sample: Tan (130 yds) and White (130 yds) This pattern can be used with any weight yarn, but plan on using more yardage for bulkier yarns.

You will also need a small piece of pink and black felt and craft glue.

Skills Required

single crochet increase in crochet attaching stuffed animal parts

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