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  • September Crochet Fun + Fave Links

    I can’t believe it’s already September! Time is moving so fast (and um, it was 105 in Los Angeles last week… that feels like July to me!). As always, I have lots of exciting news to share! If there’s something specific you’d like to see on the blog, feel free to leave a comment or […]

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  • 8mm safety craft eyes August Crochet Fun + Fave Links

    It’s August! Hooray! It’s the time of year that I’m so happy it’s summer, but also won’t mind when it cools down a bit… how about you? There’s so much happening this month… umm… so much that we stressed out the server. Ooops. So, if you’ve been trying to get to the site over the […]

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  • blue eyelash yarn Eyelash Yarn Giveaway from Ice Yarns!

    We all love fun yarn, right? Well, today, I have a giveaway for a super-fun bundle! It’s a rainbow bundle of Eyelash yarns from Ice Yarns! Keep reading for how to enter! About Ice Yarns Ice Yarns ships from Turkey, and they have the largest collection of eyelash yarn I’ve ever seen! Check out the […]

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  • 50% Patterns for Club Members!

    Did you know that every month, Ami Club Members get 50% off a selection of patterns? And that’s in addition to the exclusive free monthly pattern! If you’re not already a member, you’ll want to join to grab these awesome goodies! Want a real deal? Head on over to this post on Moogly for a […]

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  • Adorable St. Patrick's Day Crochet pattern- leprechaun March Update and a new Ami Club Bonus!

    Happy March! 2017 is flying! I have a couple of things to tell you about! New Ami Club Goody! So, you already know that as part of Ami Club, you get an adorable monthly pattern and ebook download, as well as exclusive video tutorials and 10% off all eyes. And there are crochet-a-longs (with the […]

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  • A little sale… and spring!

    Is it spring yet? I’m seeing hints that it’s coming! Granted, I’m in sunny California where ‘winter’ means 60-degrees, but I’ve been spying photos of my Minnesotan friends out for lovely walks! So spring must be just around the corner! What I’m up to The first thing I think of when I hear ‘spring’ is […]

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  • Chetnanigans Elite organizer giveaway Chetnanigans Elite Hook Organizer Giveaway!

    I have something very exciting to share with you!!! I’ve been fans of Chetnanigans for years. Sean and Holly are such lovely people and they make such beautiful handmade hook organizers. I’m a real sucker for gorgeous woodwork! Here’s my organizer, just as pretty as can be. When Sean told me he wanted to giveaway […]

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  • Octopus snips from FreshStitches... one in your fave color! So handy for having in your craft bag! Kitty, Puppy and Octopus Snips back in stock!

    Yup, even the octopus! These adorable snips are less than 2″ long and are the perfect addition to your craft bag. Now fully restocked in all colors! Get your kitties, puppies and octopuses (or octopi? I never know) now!

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  • Learn to Crochet: Lesson 1

    I'm going to teach you to crochet! Yes, you. Really. Hi there! Maybe we haven't met before, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Stacey, and I'm going to help you learn to crochet! I'm the designer & teacher behind FreshStitches, author and blogger. No matter which hat I'm wearing, I'm most well-known for my step-by-step tutorials [...] Continue Reading
  • Bulk eyes 18mm from FreshStitches wholesale pricing New eyes, restock + bulk offer for members!

    I’m not sure if you noticed, but the eyes shop has been looking pretty sparse since my mega Black Friday sale. I knew I’d sell a lot of eyes that weekend, which is why I put in my new eye order at the start of September! But because I order some exclusive styles, they have […]

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