Coffee with Stacey: knitted socks

Hi there! I’m excited that fall is here and I’ve gotten a moment of spare time to record a new chat with you!

I got carried away with talking, and so my camera cut me off in the middle… so it’s recorded in two parts. I hope you don’t mind!

Links you may enjoy:

Here are some links to things I chat about during the episode!

Let me know what you think!

Do you have any comments about what we chatted about? I want to hear them!

Stacey in Abalone sweater

12 replies on “Coffee with Stacey: knitted socks

  • Joan

    Fantastic Coffee with you, all of the socks are cozy lovely, I heard the hackberries fall, such a nice fresh treat, sooo awesome that you sell craft eyes, cute kits and the cutest kit club, your scarfs and sweater you’re wearing are lovely and baby too. And I’m sooooooo excited for that cute mummy pattern, I love it. Thank you for such a lovely coffee time, I just love this time of the year.

  • YarnAddict411

    I began as a crocheter but recently began to knit. I am about to tackle my first pair of socks knitting wise that is. I may wait until after i get out of the hospital and surgery to do this though. I am wondering if it is better to make two socks at a time or just the one. Is it easier to use four or five needles or is that just preference. I have two different patterns and each calls for the different methods is why I asked. I do have circular needles (actually I have most needles except jumpers) would it be better to do a set using circulars? Pro’s and con’s for a beginner? thanks

    • Stacey

      That’s a lot of questions!
      I think it’s easiest to do one at a time.
      The easiest thing to do is use the needles that the pattern calls for. For example, if it calls for 5 needles, then use that, as it will be less confusing.
      Once you have a hang of doing a pair, then you can switch up needles to how it suits you.
      You might be interested in these blog posts: Resources for Knitting Socks
      Picking needles for knitting your socks
      If you search ‘sock’ on my blog, you’ll also get lots of other helpful posts :)

  • Theresa

    Love the wrinkle comment, I had such a shock a few years ago when I first spotted creases on my face, they were smile lines – I could have sworn that I was a cranky grump – but my face shows that I must smile more than I frown lol. I credit my children with that achievement.

  • Christine

    Loved this chat, it is so real, just like you are in the room with us. This one makes me want to learn to knit! :)

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