A Crocheter’s Guide to Pattern Reading- free download

Do you know how to crochet, but feel like patterns are a foreign language? You’re not alone!

Many of us crocheters learn how to do the stitches from a family member or friend, and don’t learn to read the patterns until much later. And it’s true, reading a pattern can be scary… but well worth learning how! Once you can read a pattern, you’ll be able to make anything!

I teach a class called ‘Pattern reading for Crocheter’s’, and since I want all crocheters to be able to read patterns… I’m sharing the ‘helpful hints’ page from the class with everybody!

Click here to download this page as a pdf (much better resolution)!

Of course, I know this hints page isn’t a substitute for the full class… but I’m hoping that it’ll help you with a few tricky parts about pattern reading!

And of course… feel free to post any questions you have in the comments section- maybe it’ll become a future blog post topic!

13 replies on “A Crocheter’s Guide to Pattern Reading- free download

  • Tata

    I dont understand the abbreviation of “1 VP” or “1CP”
    “PSN -polustolbik with trebles” . I red this word from Italian chochet pattern which were translated in English and can’t understand what it means, please help. Thankyou

    • Stacey

      Hi Tata- Hmm, that sounds like a translation might have gone wrong, because those aren’t typical English abbreviations. I would attempt to contact the designer/translator of the pattern.

      • Tata

        Thank you for your reply, Stacey.
        I got this “crocheted doll Suzette DIY pattern” from Pinterest.com which may be originated by Italian, so I couldn’t understand translation has been translated by auto googleweb. Could you please help to find out if there is the English pattern?

        • Stacey

          Hi Tata-
          My suggestion would be to find a crochet Italian phrasebook, and attempt to read the original Italian terms. Terms are probably something that Google Translate doesn’t handle very well.

          • Tata

            thank you, I will try to copy some phrases in Italian, and send to you for translation, it’s ok for you to help me?

          • Stacey

            I’m sorry, Tata, but I don’t provide pattern support for patterns written by others. I would recommend finding a crochet instructor local to you that you could hire for such detailed help.

  • Debrenia

    Hi Tata, don’t know if you have found “PSN -polustolbik with trebles or not but you can find a video on Youtube. Search polustolbik with trebles or copy and paste to Bing, I didn’t try Google it may work also. The pattern is Russian so the copy and paste woks better. The video is spoken in Russian but the demonstration is very good. I’ve already made one Pupa Suzette and starting another one. Also ” 1VP” sometimes called “air loop” is a simple chain stitch. Hope this helps.

  • Erica Bretherick

    I downloaded a very useful hook conversion chart from here, I’m in UK and I wondered if you have a yarn conversion chart ? If not do you know where I can find one ? Google is not being helpful LOL

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