Design Week, day 4: progress photos!

Welcome to day 4 of Knit and Crochet Design Week! Today’s theme is ‘flash your progress’! You don’t need to have anything finished (all I have is one foot…), but now’s the time to update us on how you’re coming along!

My Platypus

When I’m designing, I like to start with the hardest part first. I mean… you may as well figure out if you can actually do your design, right?

So, for Mr. Platypus, that meant starting with the foot (flipper?):

I wanted the foot to be web-like, but also have individual toes… plus, not be too difficult to crochet. What do you think?

As always when I’m designing, I write down the pattern as I go along:

I write my patterns in my own shorthand (but, it’s no secret… you can find out all about it in my How to Design a Monster Course).

I find that writing the pattern down as I go is crucial… because I may not get around to actually typing up the pattern for a few weeks (or even months). It’s tempting to think, ‘Oh, I’ll remember what I did, there’… but it’s amazing how your memory fades after time!

The Plan

Now that I have a foot that I’m happy with, I’m pretty confident that the rest of him will work out! He’s going to be made up of different shapes and variations that I’ve experimented with before, so it’s just a matter of crocheting him.

Show me your photos!

The thing I’m loving most about Design Week is seeing what everyone is up to… I didn’t expect so many awesome posts! So, be sure to share your most recent post in the comments section- I want to keep up with what you’re doing!

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