Design Week, day 5: trouble spots

Welcome to day 5 of Design Week! Today’s topic is problems. Have you encountered any roadblocks in your designing?

My Trouble Spots

I haven’t had any difficulties with the actual crocheting of my design, but there have been some tough decision points. In fact, that’s why I’ve put off designing a playpus for so long- it’s not obvious what shape a super-awesome platypus should be!

When I first showed you my sketches, I took a poll on which head shape suited Mr. Platy best. A well-formed neck won by a landslide!

And when I made my yarn selection, I had to decide whether I wanted to go the ‘zoologically accurate’ route (brown body with black bill and feet), or the ‘inaccurate route’ (tan bill and feet). I was already leaning towards the inaccurate color choices, and all of your comments gave me more confidence in that decision!

I also had to make a tricky decision about the shaping in the feet:

I hesitate before designing pieces with complicated shaping… because that increases the difficulty level and can reduce my number of potential customers. However, I also don’t want to make a design SO simple that it’s not accurate or interesting to make.

With the feet, I had two choices: a fully-webbed foot (simpler, but not as interesting) or a partially-webbed foot (more accurate, but also more difficult). I decided to go with the partially-webbed foot, since the addition of toes increased the ‘interesting-level’ by a lot, with only a little added difficulty.

Another decision I had to make was weather this cutie would have a long tail or a short tail:

Photos of platypusus are fairly ambiguous on this issue… I can’t really tell which one a real platypus actually has. Some photos make the tail look quite long, but others show it looking very fat and stumpy. (It’s probably both long and fat!) I’ve decided to go with the shorter tail design, so that it contrasts nicely with the length of the bill.

So… here’s what’s in the works:

I’m getting pretty close to the big reveal… can you stand the suspense?

Tell me about your experiences!

Have you hit any roadblocks? Be sure to share the link to your Design Week blog post in the comments section, below. I’m loving reading everyones’ posts!

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