Do you have this awesome design resource?

This week, I’m headed off to Stitches South and teaching a packed schedule of classes!

Crochet Classes at Stitches South in Atlanta

One of the classes I’m teaching is Designing Crochet Afghans. Since I’ve designed a few afghans in my day, I’m excited to teach other folks the tools they need to design their own!

Argyle afghan crochet pattern

One of my afghan designs from Modern Baby Crochet

One of the books I’ll be recommending to my students is Crochet Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia by Robyn Chachula.

book cover

It’s a great resource for crochet stitch patterns! I’m terrible at coming up with new stitch patterns… but with a book like this, you can be terrible and still come up with new afghan designs. Isn’t that great news? (If you’re interested in more info, click over to my review of the book)

Check out this pretty little swatch I made from one of the stitch patterns in the book:

crochet swatch by FreshStitches

Can’t you picture this as a full-sized afghan? Or this would be a square in an afghan with various squares?

The possibilities are endless!

So, check out this book… and maybe I’ll see you at Stitches South! I’ll report back with photos for those of you who can’t make it!

7 replies on “Do you have this awesome design resource?

  • Nadine Roberts

    I bought the book recently and love it. I am working on a baby blanket with the Atlantic wave stitch. It is incredibly freeing to be able to just find a stitch and start playing with it.

  • Kelly

    I’m so excited about taking this class. I love this book and will bring my copy along with me. It’s really a great and easy to follow (love visual patterns).

  • Beth

    I am looking forward to Stitches South. I only live about an hour north of where it is being held. Unfortunately, I have to work Friday & Sunday, but will be there Saturday with my bells on. Real excited to get to finally but a face with some of the names I have seen on this and other yarn art sites I frequent. Anyone have any tips on what not to miss at one of these Yarn/Knit/Crochet events?

    • Stacey

      Every event is different! I recommend downloading the brochure and checking out the vendors and events in advance to get a little plan! You really can’t go wrong, tho!

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