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Doll Crochet Pattern ebook

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A Doll Like Me!

Everyone loves an adorable doll! But who wants to be told exactly what your doll should look like? Not me!

That’s why I created the A Doll Like Me! ebook… a 34-page pattern (complete with step-by-step photos) full of awesome doll options! Your doll will measure approximately 18″ tall when crocheted with a worsted weight yarn.

Check out all of the possibilities:

Options for crocheting a doll

That means you can crochet a sweetie with curly brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes and wearing a skirt with Mary Janes! Or a boy doll (yup, there’s a boy!) with jeans and blond hair! The possibilities are endless!

Don’t you love these cuties?

boy crochet doll pattern

If you need some ideas, there are four dolls shown as samples:

doll patterns

Materials Required

4 colors of yarn required to crochet size H crochet hook 5.0mm tapestry needle polyester stuffing

Exact yardage varies according to doll options selected (skin color: 90-200 yds, hair color: 40-200 yds, clothing colors: 115-160 yds). This pattern can be used with any weight yarn, but plan on using more yardage for bulkier yarns.

Skills Required

single crochet increase in crochet changing colors in crochet single crochet attaching stuffed animal parts

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