Dragon CAL Winner and Roundup!

Oh my goodness… I can’t believe how awesome the Dragon crochet-a-long has been! Seriously, I’m ready to faint over all of the dragon cuteness!

With so many amazing entries, I couldn’t pick just one winner. So, there’s one grand prize winner (who’s scoring the awesome book signed by The Crochet Dude!) and three ‘runners up’, who will each get a FreshStitches pattern of their choice.

The entries

Let’s have a look at all of the entries, shall we?

Whoa… amazing, right? The best thing is that the dragons are all so different… the beauty of choosing your own dragon adventure!

The Winners!

oooh… it was hard to pick! The Grand Prize winner is:

Lucia! Lucia really knocked my socks off… not only crocheting multiple entries (not a requirement for winning!), but also adding her own touches. She added her own ‘super-buggy’ eyeball and did a loop-stitch tail on Mr. Pinky. Way to go!

Like I said, there were so many fabulous entries that I couldn’t stick with just one winner, so let’s have a peek at the three super-fabulous runners up!

Suse went crazy with the color combination (and the location of color changes), and I love it! And check out that adorable bow-tie she added!

WindyGlow staged a fabulous scene… dragons cleaning up! So creative!

Who can resist Nancy‘s baby dragon with those eyelashes! Adorable!

If you’re a winner, please email me so I can get your prize out to you!

Ready for another one?

A HUGE hug to everyone who crocheted along with me… you made this month chock-full of cuteness!

I’m excited for the next crochet-a-long… in fact, I wish we could start right now! But, I know folks have things to do other than crochet, sigh.

So, I’ll give everyone a little breather… and we’ll start our Halloween-themed CAL on October 1st! Stay tuned for details!

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