New, Super-Easy Magic Ring!

Has the magic ring method for beginning to crochet in the round gotten you all tied up in knots? No worries! This Tip Tuesday, I’m going to show you a new and super-easy method for getting an adjustable (magic) ring to begin crocheting your amigurumi. First, I’ll show you in photos, but scroll down if you’d rather just watch the video!

In this technique, you begin by making a slip knot, then creating the adjustable loop. With this method, there are less loops flying around, so it’s more accessible to beginners. Who knows, it may become your favorite!

Step one: make a slip knot

Start off by getting the hook and yarn called for in your pattern.

Then, make a slip knot with about 6 inches remaining at the tail, and insert the hook into the slip knot.

Step two: make a loop

With that 6 inches you left in in the tail, make a loop, as pictured:

Step three: crochet into the loop

Pretend that GIANT loop is just one crochet stitch. Crochet into it six times (or do however many stitches called for in your pattern). To single crochet one stitch into the loop: insert your hook into the loop, wrap your yarn over the hook and pull through the loop, then wrap your yarn over your hook again and pull through the two loops on your hook! Repeat this until you’ve crocheted all of your stitches! Your piece will look like this:

Step four: pull, and you’re done!

To close up the hole, pull on the tail!

You’re done! Hooray!

If that went by too fast, have a look at the video I recorded of the technique:

Happy Tip Tuesday, everyone! I hope you found today’s post useful for demystifying the magic ring! Happy crocheting!

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