Easy trick for counting rounds in Crochet!

A lot of amigurumi are made by crocheting in the round. When teaching classes, I’ve noticed that counting rounds is something that gives a lot of crocheters trouble… I mean, who wants to count every stitch? In this post, I’ll show you the shortcut that I use for counting rounds.

Let’s do a little example.

I’ve been following my pattern instructions for the first three rounds (read this post if reading patterns baffles you!), and now my pattern says:

Rounds 4-6: sc in each st (18)

How can we do this without counting?

I take a locking stitch marker (the orange thing in the photo above), and lock it onto the last stitch of the round. Then, I’m just going to keep crocheting around and around until I’m exactly 3 rounds above my marker!

Check out the photo above… and you’ll also see why I prefer crocheting through the back loops- each round leaves behind a little horizontal ridge that makes each round super-easy to count!

So, give this trick a try, and you can probably ditch your row counter!

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