Eyelash Yarn Giveaway from Ice Yarns!

We all love fun yarn, right? Well, today, I have a giveaway for a super-fun bundle!

Eyelash Yarn giveaway

It’s a rainbow bundle of Eyelash yarns from Ice Yarns! Keep reading for how to enter!

About Ice Yarns

Ice Yarns ships from Turkey, and they have the largest collection of eyelash yarn I’ve ever seen! Check out the full listing… long eyelash yarns, regular eyelash yarns, twisty eyelash yarns, the list goes on. And in so many colors!

The prices are very low (these eyelash yarns are $4.99 for a bag of 8 balls! That’s $.62 a ball!), so at first I was worried about showing them too you because I thought the shipping price might be very high (some overseas companies charge ‘handling’ as a way to improve the sales price). But, shipping to the US is $7.50 for an 8-ball bag, so that’s still just $1.50 a ball. For so much fun!

How to use Eyelash Yarn

Eyelash yarn is really fun for creating special characters with a really fuzzy look. They’d be great for any of the monsters in my Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster class, a fuzzy teddy bear OR a prickly cactus!

blue eyelash yarn

Nervous about working with eyelash yarn? Here’s a great tip for making working with eyelash yarn easy!

Enter to win!

This bundle contains a skein each of purple, pink, blue, green and yellow eyelash yarn, along with two complementary skeins of yarn. To enter, just leave a comment on this page! It’s that easy! A winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday, June 14th.

Ami Club members should hop over to the forums for an extra chance to win!

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