Free downloadable tags for your amigurumi!

My free holiday gift tags were such a hit that I’ve made some more!

If you’re a reader of this blog, you’ll know that I allow animals to be sold from my patterns, I just ask that you mention that it’s a FreshStitches design. To make it easier… I’ve made tags that include the info!

For your downloading and printing pleasure, I introduce to you… the amigurumi tag collection!
ree download gift tags for amigurumi crochet

Making some amigurumi? You’ll want to download these adorable tags!

I designed these tags specifically for your cutie stuffed animals… and even included a few tips for display!

Once you download and print the tags, you’ll want to fill out the tag with all the crucial info. Check out my example:

example tag for your amigurumi

The tag easily folds in half… and is ready to adorn your cutie!


4 replies on “Free downloadable tags for your amigurumi!

  • Michaela Adams

    This isn’t really related to your post but…I was at a yarn shop today that carries your book and I saw someone looking at the cover and flipping through the pages so I mozied over and told them how awesome it was and we got to chatting, and shes just learning to crochet so i gave her a bunch of tips..some that I learned from YOU! and she ended up buying your book and a ton of crocheting supplies! Yay for sharing the crochet love! =)

  • Lori

    Thank you so much for making these!! I will be putting these on my amigurumi that I sell! I used to just write your info on a piece of paper but these are totally cute!

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