Free Knitting Pattern: Easy Peasy Socks!

I just designed a pair of socks for my beginning sock knitting class… and have made the pattern a free download! These socks are designed with the first-time sock knitter in mind. Sock knitting can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need to be able to do is work in the round, decrease and pick up stitches, and you can make these socks!

free easy knitting sock pattern

Click here to download!

These are worsted weight socks, which means that they’ll be warm, and work up quickly. They may not be the socks that you want to wear every day, but I think that you’ll be a less discouraged sock knitter if you learn the basics on a project that you’ll finish quickly. Save your pretty self-striping sock-weight yarn for your next pair.

Warning: This pattern is annotated with lots of helpful hints & notes… it’s sorta like a transcript of what a sock class with me is like. This is probably very boring if you’ve knit socks before!

Notes on the pattern for those interested in teaching: I designed this pattern to teach first-timers to knit socks, so there are a number of simplifying design features:

  • Short cuff, so it’s quick to get started learning ‘sock-y’ things
  • No leg, same reason as above
  • No need to keep track of ‘needle 1 and needle 2’ like some sock patterns… because everyone always looses track!
  • Heel flap is worked in stockinette, no fancy pattern to remember
  • Only one round to remember for gusset decreases, so you don’t need to keep track of what round you’re on
  • Worsted weight goes fast!

As with all of my patterns, feel free to use this pattern for your personal use, but it is not to be sold without consent.

This sock pattern makes use of the ‘ssk’ decrease. This is a decrease over two stitches, and is not achieved by ‘slip 1, slip 1, knit 1’. If you are unfamiliar with this decrease, please check out this video.

Need more help?

Need more sock help? I recommend the visual-oriented learners take Donna Drachunas’s Knit Sock Workshop on Craftsy. It’s a video course, so you’ll learn everything you need to know!

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150 replies on “Free Knitting Pattern: Easy Peasy Socks!

  • Bernadette

    Thank you so much for this sock pattern. I have just completed my first ever pair of socks – they nearly match, and my son loves them! Following the pattern was pretty straightforward. I knitted both to the point at which I needed to decrease for the toes, then finished them off. I could measure them one against the other that way.

    • Judy

      I am having a horrible time with the set-up round. I think my markers might be in the wrong place although I haven’t moved them since putting them on. On one needle I have 16 stitches with the marker after stitch 15 (this needle is the bottom of the foot), next needle has 10 stitches and the next needle has 14 with the marker after stitch 12. Then I start the set up round and it never turns out. What am I doing wrong?????

      • Stacey

        Hi Judy-
        I’m sorry you’re having trouble!
        If you require more assistance, I suggest signing up for an online class or taking a class in your local yarn shop.
        I hope you understand that with tens of thousands of downloads for this free pattern, I can’t provide individual assistance… especially since I can’t see your knitting to see what’s gone wrong!

  • Angela


    When you say “slip slip knit” what exactly do you mean? Do I just slip two stitches and knit the next one? I tried that and it didn’t look right.


  • Victoria

    Hi. I came back a triumphant sock-knitter. Just thought people might be interested in the information I learned while making socks.

    I’ve knitted this pattern about half a dozen times now with Red Heart’s worsted weight acrylic yarn for the practice. I’ve noticed that I had to go down to a size 3mm needle to obtain the correct gauge in Red Heart for this pattern, so anyone using Red Heart as well for practice might want to adjust the needles.

    A sock knitted with the suggested 3.75mm (US #5) needles in Red Heart fit a size 9 men’s shoe (which was a good thing because I gave those socks to my fiance.)

    On the flip side, my Red Heart socks were sort of too big to wear with proper shoes (but fit a bit better in my boots) but they were very warm so I use most of mine as slipper replacements.

    I noticed I also get better results when knitting socks with any yarn with elastic thread. My socks weren’t getting the snug feel I wanted without it and kept flopping off, but it might have been the way I knit.

    I’ve started to use a row counter on one of my needles while doing the heel flap. On several socks I miscounted and wound up with heels that were too large…

    The row counter is also handy while turning the heel to help mark the needle with the section that isn’t supposed to be knit yet.

    Anyway, thanks for the pattern! I don’t see myself buying commercial socks any time soon.

    • Stacey

      Wow, Victoria, thanks so much for sharing all that information! It really helps to get input from someone who’s done it with fresh eyes… I’m sure people will really appreciate this! :)

  • Gail Muehling

    I would like permission to use the easy Peasy sock pattern to teach a class. I would not receive any monies for teaching the class to interested club members. I am a member of the Grand Stitchers located in Sun City Grand, Surprise, AZ.

  • Wanda Raney

    I have been knitting socks for some time now and it is my favorite thing to do. For those of you who want to get away from double pointed needles, I highly recmmend the magic loop method. I will not need socks are sweater sleeves with double pointed needes ever again.

  • Sasha Deveaux

    I think there is a mistake in the heel turning directions. I ran into trouble on row five. I came up three stitches short. I followed the directions to the letter. I’ll rip out to the end of flap and try again. Another blogger also had a problem with the heel turning and went to Youtube. Also, after using Utube as a resource for knitting socks with double pointed needles, I saw that a fourth needle was necessary to knit the sock. That wasn’t mentioned in the pattern. It also would have helped to say how many stitches were left on each row of heel turning, so the knitter would know before he or she reached the point of no return, if they had the wrong number of stitches on the needle and a correction was needed.

    • Stacey

      Hi Sasha-
      I don’t believe there is a typo in the patterns. If you are short on stitches in the heel turn, chances are that you are doing the ssk incorrectly. (see some of the above comments for a link to a video)
      When knitting on double point needles, one extra needle (in this case, the fourth one) is used for the knitting. It’s not explicitly referred to in the instructions as it doesn’t carry any stitches, however, it is called for in the materials requirements.

  • Carly

    Hi there!
    Enjoying having a go at knitting my first sock! My question is, when you are doing your decrease rounds, do you have to do a round of decreases followed by a round of purls before you do your next decrease round? I thought the stockinette pattern might get messed up if you don’t..
    Many thanks!!

    • Stacey

      Hi Carly-
      Stockinette is only a knit round then a purl round when it is worked in rows. When it is worked in the round, it is all knit. The pattern is written correctly!

  • Patti

    Hi Stacey,
    I am knitting your pattern for the first time and I am wondering which way to move the stitch markers on the decrease?


    • Stacey

      Hi there-
      when you slip the stitch marker, you do so as you would for any other knitting pattern. There’s no need to move them particularly for the decreases.

  • Markus

    Never knitted before, trying to learn.

    In the pattern your refer to CO. Guessing that means count off. But then there are RS and WS? Not in the abbreviation key. What are RS and WS?

    • Stacey

      Hi! ‘CO’ means ‘cast on’, RS is right side and WS is wrong side.
      I wouldn’t recommend this pattern as your first knitting pattern… I would get some experience with a simpler pattern, first.

  • MD

    In Row 1 of turning the heel (k12, ssk, k1), I can’t figure out what to do with the remaining stitches… I have 20 stitches on the first double pointed needle, and I’ve knitted and purled my 20 rows, as the pattern says, so if I knit 12, slip slip and then knit the two I slipped, and knit a final stitch, that leaves me with five on the needle… Am I missing something?

    Thanks so much for this pattern. It’s my first time knitting a sock, and I’m feleing confident that I’ll get the hang of it!

      • Stacey

        Hi Emma-
        I’m not quite sure what ‘this problem’ is… have you browsed through all of the comments for replies? Most troubles folks are having have very nice replies with solutions!

      • MD

        The way I did it (which I’m not positive is right, but looks good) is to leave the remaining stitches on the needle. Don’t slip them to the other needle, don’t do anything to those five. Just turn your knitting and follow the next instruction. Eventually, you’ll work down those 20 stitches to 12 just by following the pattern.

      • Hannah @ Cook and Craft Blog

        Hi guys,

        I think I can help you! When you’re knitting your heel flap, you leave the remaining stitches on your needle. When you get to the end of the row instructions, (in this case, on the RS -right side) you need to stop and begin your next row ( now you willl be on the WS – wrong side). You will have extra stitches on the needle that you did not knit, but that is good because they will be worked on your remaining rows. Remember that a Heel flap is just a set of decreases staggered to make the rounded shape.
        Does that make sense?


  • MD

    Sorry!!! Ignore me! It’s almost 3 AM here, and I didn’t read the instructions carefully enough. I barreled ahead, determined to frog it if necessary, and I have a turned heel! I *may* have run around my room cheering. You rock!!

  • jan

    It’s the PU part of the gusset…right after the “turning of the heal” I don’t understand how to pick up stitches “ON THIS NEEDLE” I just can’t picture what to do and I checked out others’ on utube and every one shows a DIFFERENT way and NONE seem to be using THIS needle to PU on. Do you have a utube? I don’t want anyone else to show me how cuz I’m determined to follow your pattern…

  • Carol Baker

    I am totally not understanding the pickup stitches at gusset. I’ve check out the video but it isn’t the same pattern as yours is it? Looks like her heel was bound off before she started the gusset part. Also it sounds like the needle that my last row of turning the heel is still on will be the one used to pick up stitches but I don’t see how to do it. Will it still have the last 12 stitches and then I pick up more to be on that needle? 20 more? Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I was so determined to learn to do a sock, maybe even make two! Please help! More pictures, or directions or a video that you personally make? Help!

  • Abby

    I am having trouble with the heel-turn. On the first row, you don’t knit all of your stitches. What do you do with the remaining stitches? Do you slip those stitches onto the needle with what you just knitted? Then what stitch will you start back up with on row 2 of the heel turn?

  • Claire

    Hi , I love your pattern but I think I mistaken the size 5 kneedles, I used 5 mm and it turned out pretty big. But I learned so much. Thank you!

    • Stacey

      Depending on your knitting style, you may need to change your needle size. It’s important to get the gauge in the pattern for the best fit. Happy you learned a lot, though!

  • Donna Wauer

    Hi Stacey,

    Thank you for giving pemission for the ladies at Warm-Up-America to use your sock pattern.

    A question for you. What brand of worsted weight yarn did you use for your example? I have played with some of the worsted weight yarn that I have and am having trouble getting the # of stitches for a guage swatch no matter what size needles I try it on.

    Thank you for your help.

    Donna Wauer

    • Stacey

      The sample was Claudia Handpaints worsted, which is a light worsted. If you are using a thick worsted (like Red Heart Super Saver), it will probably be much to thick… so try a brand with a thinner one :)

  • Vikki Petruzza

    Stacey, I am following your pattern, but I did something wrong with the gusset. One side looks perfect, like in the pic; but on the other side the angle of the gusset where you do the decreases goes towards the instep instead of the arch. What did I do wrong? Any ideas. I can send a pic if that helps.


    • Stacey

      Hi Vikki- It sounds to me like either the stitch marker was in the wrong place, or you started the end of the round somewhere funny and therefore were decreasing on the wrong side of the stitch markers.
      For both, the decreases should be happening on the ‘heel side’ of the stitch markers.
      Unfortunately, it sounds like a case where you’ll have to rip back to picking up the stitches… but you can do it!

  • Tammy

    I’m new to knitting. I really would like to learn how to make socks.
    My grandma made them and I have such memories with her.
    Can you help me to guide me in a first time pattern to follow to teach me how? Or a video link . I’ve only followed one pattern before and that was a knitted wash cloth. I really want to learn!!!!

    • Stacey

      The pattern that is talked about in this blog post is meant for beginners, so you could give it a try! If you’re looking for a video, then you might want to try the online class that I also recommend in the post.

  • merrcherr

    So I tried this pattern for the first time making socks ever and it worked like a dream for me !! Whee !! Talk about feeling my knitting skills take a quantum leap forward, like a knit-and-purl USS Enterprise lol
    But that being said I do have a question – the toe decrease…am I supposed to have 12 stitch total or 12 on 2 needles for a total of 24 for when I bind off bc I somehow ended up with a perfect1st timer sock until it reaches the tip of my big toe, and then it turns into a pointy elf sock !!

  • Ann


    I just finished the gusset and now beginning to foot. I read ahead to the toe part and I’m afraid my stitch markers don’t coincide with the pattern anymore. Perhaps you could number the needles on the pattern so I can see where I’ve gone wrong. Like needle no.1 and needle no.2 etc.


    • Stacey

      Hi Ann! I’m sorry that your stitch markers have gotten confused… they should be at the sides of the foot. You can follow the line from the gusset decreases to pinpoint it exactly on your sock.

  • Cat

    Hello. My aunty printed out your pattern for me and i am now on my third sock but i have struck disaster! I have finished up to the big toe but i have messed up and have accidently taken my stitch markers off and now i dont know where to put any of them!

    • Stacey

      That is a disaster! The stitch markers should be at the sides of the toe- read through the previous comments for details on that!

  • Linda

    I just knitted a pair of socks using your pattern. Thanks! instructions are clear and it’s so satisfying wearing them!
    Thanks once again!

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