Huggable Amigurumi Review + Interview + Giveaway!

Today, I’m excited to share Huggable Amigurumi: 18 Cute and Cuddly Animal Softies with you! I’ve known Shannen for a long time and I couldn’t wait to get her first book into my hands!

And one lucky reader will win a copy of the book! Keep reading for details on how to enter! Ami Club members can enter to win an extra entry… log into the forum for details!

Huggable Amigurumi

Interview with Shannen: a behind-the-scenes peek at making the lamb

Hi there! I’m Shannen from Sweet N’ Cute Creations and the author of Martingale’s newest crochet book: Huggable Amigurumi!

When Stacey and I were talking, one cutie kept popping up: Little Lila the Lamb.

Making her was way more complicated than what I had in mind, but I was adamant on making sure that her fluffy-ness didn’t just rely on the yarn used. For this, I used a puff stitch! (Honestly, it was also because I’m not really used to using fuzzy yarn and it’s not as available in the Philippines)

The first few versions of little Lila was not good. Like it just looked odd. I knew I wanted to use a puff stitch for the body, but I never really thought of doing that for the head – quite frankly, I didn’t think it would look this weird ahahah.

Here’s a photo of how I was starting with the body. I experimented between puff stitching every round or just alternately, I ended up going with alternate rounds as seen here.

beginning of making lila the lamb

This photo is the very first version of Lila. She looks SOOOOO different from the finished version. Here, I started troubleshooting already. From this point, I saw that maybe she did need that added bit of fur. If I had to add the fur, I had to change the ears, or at the very least just switch up the positioning of the ears (which I did, I made it face front instead of down)

progress photo of lila the lamb

Here Little Lila looks more like the Lila on the cover! I added blush on to the ears, added ‘fur’ to the head, and changed up the nose to use thread instead. I actually decided to remove the weird little accessory I made (I don’t even know what I was thinking that was!)

After all those changes, here’s little Lila now!

finished lila the lamb


This book is an adorable collection of 18 amigurumi cuties! These are plush-sized animals, with most of the finished animals 9-12″ tall (when using the recommended yarn and hook).

The patterns in the book use a variety of stitches and techniques, so they will be exciting and a learning experience for a crocheter with a bit of experience under their belt. Moby whale even has some beads! 3 pages of basic stitch instructions are given in the back of the book, but I wouldn’t recommend that information for those started out: it serves more as a refresher for those already familiar with the techniques.

Most of the animals have some extra details, such as hats, a smile or accessory. These features give the animals a bit of extra pizazz, but may feel fussy for folks who aren’t a fan of attaching. The assembly instructions are just a few sentences (such as “Stuff head, arms and legs. Sew arms legs onto body.”), and do not include specific placement instructions, so you will need to closely follow the provided photos.

Exact gauge and yarn information is not included, so readers can feel free to experiment!

The book retails for $18.99, and with 18 patterns, it’s a good value if you spot a couple patterns that suit your fancy (It’s the price of 3 pdf individual downloads). The tradeoff is that the patterns are detailed and the book is only 64 pages, so there isn’t much space for step-by-step instructions. A crocheter with a couple of amigurumi under their belt will enjoy these cuties!


Enter to win a copy of the book! Just leave a comment on this page, and you’ll be automatically entered! Entries are open until noon, January 24th EST. International folks, too!

Ami Club members have a bonus opportunity, so check the forums!

Good luck, everyone!

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