Ideas for Rockin’ your Tiny Amigurumi!


Are you having fun in our tiny-a-long?

You might be wondering… what do I do with a super-tiny amigurumi? Well… I’m here to share a few ideas!


Using a jump ring through the stitches, attach your cutie to a keychain!

teddy bear keychain

Necklace or other jewelry

Using the same method of attaching your amigurumi to a loop… you can put your guy on a necklace! Or… if you made yours super-tiny, maybe you can make charms!

necklace owl

If your amigurumi is a little larger, don’t discount the possibility of a super-cuddly pin or backpack decoration!

Hair decoration

I’ve been known to sew my tiny amigurumi onto a hair clip and wear as a hair accessory!

crab in hair

Your kids will love this one!

On display!

Who says you need to ‘do’ anything? Your cutie will be happy sitting on a shelf, displayed with other favorites!

on a desk

Get your Tiny on!

If you’re already crocheting along with us, don’t forget the deadline for those photos is the 18th! You’ll want to enter to get a chance to win that great prize!


If you’d like to get started on something tiny, maybe you’d like a tiny kit? They’re adorable and contain everything you need (even stuffing) in one package!

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