Join our Dragon CAL!

Exciting news! The newest FreshStitches Crochet-A-Long is here! This month, we’ll be crocheting a dragon using the Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure pattern… and I’ll be posting helpful tips and techniques blog posts the whole way!

The pattern contains instructions for making lots of different pieces… so you can design your own dragon! Check out all of the possibilities:

Want to join in with us? Grab a copy of the pattern, pick your favorite colors of yarn and let’s get started!

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There’s even a prize!

Could it get any more exciting? One lucky participant in the CAL will receive a Leisure Arts pamplet, written and signed by Drew Emborsky (aka The Crochet Dude), as well as a Crochet Dude crochet hook, courtesy of Leisure Arts and Boye.

Keep reading for details about how your cutie dragon can win you this great prize!

Join the CAL!

Joining in the CAL is easy! Get yourself a copy of the the pattern, grab your materials (see below) and follow this blog to get all of the helpful crochet/amigurumi tips that will guide you along the way!

If you’d like, you can even stick this adorable badge on your blog (right click and save, then link the photo to this post!) to let folks know you’re joining in:

To enter to win the fabulous prize, you’ll want to post a photo of your finished dragon (either on the FreshStitches Facebook page or in the CAL thread of the FreshStitches Ravelry Group) by September 16th! One lucky winner will get the signed pamphlet and hook… and yes, international entries are welcome!

Ideas for your Dragon!

The pattern already comes with a variety of options… and if you pick any of them, you’ll come out with an adorable dragon! But, you can add even more variations… here are some ideas:

  • Pick a bulky yarn (and crochet with a bigger hook) to make a jumbo dragon!
  • Use a sock-weight yarn and a size C hook to create an adorable mini-dragon!
  • Add a little something unique to your dragon… maybe sew on some felt accessories?

To crochet the dragon that’s in the pattern, you’ll need 2 colors of worsted weight yarn: a main color (100-150 yards) and an accent color (20-50 yards). You’ll also need a size H hook, a pair of 12mm black eyes (mine are from Suncatcher Eyes), a tapestry needle and stuffing.

For bigger dragons, you’ll need slightly more yarn… and less for smaller ones!

Wanna know what I’m doing?

I saw these three colors (from my stash) together and I just adore them!

So, I’m doing a dragon with a blue body, pink tummy and purple wings. Cute, right?

Are you in?

It’s going to be a blast… and I really hope you join us! Go ahead and leave me a comment… and tell me about your dragon-rific plans!

22 replies on “Join our Dragon CAL!

  • Nancy

    This is going to be fun. Love the colors you’ve picked. I think I’m going to try making a smaller dragon using smaller wt yarn. :)

  • Stitched Together

    I’m using up some lime green and ginger orange. It’s going to be eyeball scorching but certainly not dull! I’m using DK weight as I wanted to use up my left overs from a baby blanket. It will be a dainty dragon.

  • june

    I’m in! I had so much fun with the cow-a-long and can’t wait to get started on the dragon – so many choices!!!

  • Patty (aka grannypatty)

    I like the idea of creating our own dragon but currently have way too many WIPS to start another. I will however keep my eyes peeled for another similar adventure!

  • Luna

    Aw man, if I didn’t already have enough on my plate, I would be all over this CAL, the dragons are just too cute! Maybe next time :)

  • Jenn McClure

    Hiya! So I would love to participate in this, I even already purchased the pattern and started the head two weeks ago… however… I packed my stuffing to ship back home to the states… so now I can’t stuff my dragon. I am so mad at myself. Haha.
    If I had my stuffing, I would LOVE to participate!

    I can’t wait to follow along and see everyone’s progress!!!!

    <3 Jenn

  • Kelly

    I love your color combination.

    I started my dragon yesterday. I’m excited to be able to use yarn I love in my stash on such a fun project. It’s a lighter weight yarn in light green and lilac so I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

  • Paula McKeown

    I am excited to have a go at this. I have a couple of other projects to finish first but there’s still heaps of time. Ooo I am excited will have to dig through the stash and see what I can find.

  • Stacey

    Squee! I mean, can I squee enough? So excited about all of these great ideas and color combos!

    I love that the fantasy-aspect of the dragon (as opposed to a ‘real’ animal) is allowing people to go crazy with the colors! FAB!

  • Bobette

    This is going to be fun. I’m using a sport weight yarn that was in my stash, but I want a 9in Dagon so I’m doubling up on my yarn he is a blue Dagon with a brown belly. I have some brown animal eyes but not sure how they will look. Will know soon. Thanks for this great pattern.

  • Janice

    Working in cotton worsted: deep salmon body, aqua tum, scales & wings something electrifying — can’t make up my mind …

  • Nichole

    I’m in! I started working on him a couple days ago, then frogged it and now I’m smooth sailing. It’s working up so much quicker than I thought it would considering the number of pieces. Thanks for another fun pattern!! :)

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