Design Week, day 1: sketches

Welcome to Knit and Crochet Design Week!

If you haven’t read the details of knit and design week, read this post to get caught up to speed. Basically, we’re dedicating a little time each day this week to design and sharing our progress.

There are no requirements: I just want to encourage you to have fun and be creative! And, if you’ve written a blog post about your progress, please post the link in the comments section below… so we can all have a look!

My Sketch

Okay, now onto my designing! (yes… I’m designing along with you!)

I’ve had a platypus on my ‘ideas of animals to design’ list for a while now… and this seems like the week to do it!

The first thing I do when I’m designing an animal is to do a bit of research about what the animal looks like. This usually includes looking around on Pinterest, clip art files and a Google Image search:

After I’ve had a look around, I do a sketch, including all of the features that are ‘must haves’. For the platypus, that means a brown body, a tail, a beak and webbed feet.

For the platypus, I’m feeling torn. Should he be a big oval-ball shape? Here’s my ‘oval sketch’:

Or should he have a more separate head? Here’s the ‘with a head’ sketch:

What do you think? I’m leaning towards the platypus with the distinct head shape… Also, in real-life, a platypus has a black beak and feet, but I’m wondering if the tan won’t look better in yarn.

Opinions welcome!

What are you designing?

I’m excited to see what you’re up to! Leave a link to your design week post in the comment section below! (Mr. Linky isn’t working out too well… but I think the comment section will work just as well).

Tomorrow’s theme is ‘techniques’: chatting about the techniques that will be helpful when designing and making your creation. You don’t have to stick with the theme, but it’s there to help if you’re drawing a blank.

See you again, tomorrow!

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