Loeb: finding yarn in Bern, Switzerland

  • store: Loeb
  • address:Spitalgasse 47 3000 Berne, Switzerland
  • date of visit: March, 2011

In my last post, I told you about my quest to find yarn in Bern, Switzerland. The second shop that the lovely tourist-office-employee recommended was Loeb, a department store. It’s the X on the right:

Now, I was a little suspicious. Loeb is a giant multi-story department store… and especially since my German isn’t very good, I was starting to wonder if I misunderstood where the yarn was.

But alas, the tourist-office-lady didn’t lead me astray! Up on the top floor is the yarn and fabric!

They’ve got loads of great brands, including: Austerman, Lang, Regia, Schulana, Schoeller Stahl and Opal (which I love!). Check out the pretty Opal sample they had:

I was going to buy this colorway, but they were out of stock (no surprise, it’s so pretty!). The lovely store clerk offered to order it for me and call it when it arrived, but alas, I wasn’t going to be in town long enough.

They also had swatches worked up of lots of different yarns, which I really love:

Who knew? All that in a department store!

So, if you’re in Bern, stop by the department store! You’ll be rewarded with some great yarn!