March Update and a new Ami Club Bonus!

Happy March! 2017 is flying! I have a couple of things to tell you about!

New Ami Club Goody!

So, you already know that as part of Ami Club, you get an adorable monthly pattern and ebook download, as well as exclusive video tutorials and 10% off all eyes. And there are crochet-a-longs (with the pattern included, of course!) and special product offerings. That’s old news.

(By the way, have you seen Miss March?)

Ami Club butterfly from FreshStitches

Isn’t she a cutie? And members are already sharing their adorable butterflies! Check out this one by Alyssa!


Okay, anyway. I was thinking to myself, ‘what can I do to make the Ami Club even more amazing? Like, give my members even more awesomeness than the exclusive product offers they’re already getting. Hmm.

Then it hit me. While some of my members are folks who have known me for a while and have all of my patterns, most Ami Club members just love crocheting and would love to grab some existing FreshStitches patterns that they haven’t crocheted yet!

Starting now, Ami Club members will get a special coupon code that gets them 50% off featured patterns! March’s featured patterns are Mike the Leprechaun, Sean the Shamrock and Thomas the Turtle.

Adorable St. Patrick's Day Crochet pattern- leprechaun

FreshStitches Shamrock

Can you tell there’s a theme?

To get your discount, just enter the coupon code on the announcements page of the forum when you purchase! The coupon is good for 50% off of any of these patterns… or all 3!

I’ll be featuring 3 new patterns a month, so if you’re not an Ami Club member, join today! It’s only $6/month!

Snips Restocked

Octopus snips from FreshStitches... one in your fave color! So handy for having in your craft bag!

I restocked the Octopus, Puppy and Kitty Snips two weeks ago. And then sold out. (actually, I placed my reorder the day I listed the new ones! They sold so fast!) But now they’re back in all colors! Yay!

Happy Spring!

I hope you’re ready for spring and get ready to bring your crochet hooks outside!


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