My favorite tool: a 9″ circular knitting needle

Hi there folks! Welcome to day 6 of Knitting and Crochet Blogging Week!

4th Annual knitting and crochet blog week

Today’s topic is ‘a tool to covet’… so I’m going to talk about my favorite tool: my 9″ circular knitting needle!

Why a 9″?

Most people think I’m crazy when I say that my favorite knitting needle is a 9″ circular. But I can’t help it. I’m in love.

Toe-up socks knitting

I’ve already chatted about how I like knitting socks… and 9″ circular needles are a fabulous way to knit them! When you knit with other techniques (double point needles, two circulars or magic loop), there’s always a join that creates the potential for laddering (those icky loose stitches) as well as costs you some time maneuvering them around.

With the 9″ circular, there’s none of that! You just knit around and around!

My favorite one is the Hiya Hiya 9″, because the tips of the needles aren’t too pointy. Clover makes a 9″ needle that’s made from bamboo with pointier tips. It’s just a matter of personal preference which one you choose.

What are the downsides?

I can’t report many… I love not losing a double point needle under an airline seat (oy, what a mess!) and not having to worry about finding multiple needles to get a sock done.

However… the 9″ is small… and too small for a number of people.

knitted socks

The only way to know if a 9″ will work for you is to give one a try.

Another downside is that they haven’t really ‘taken off’ yet, and they can be a bit difficult to find in stores. For example, even though big box stores carry the line of Clover needles, I’ve yet to see the 9″ available with his needle-buddies. Some LYSs carry them, so it’s worth giving your local shop a call to see if they have them!

Give ’em a try!

bright socks 9" circular

I’ll be honest, if you have big hands or like a lot of ‘space’ when you knit… the 9″ probably isn’t for you.

But if you like to knit socks, and are tired of losing a double point, getting ladders in your work or having trouble tossing your knitting into your bag and going… then you might love these guys! Try them!

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  • Andrea G. aka SpringSplndr

    Thanks for posting this today! I’m sitting here working on your Easy Peasy Socks. I made the first on DPNs and stopped just before the toe decreases. I am currently knitting the second sock on magic loop and measuring against the first so that they are the same size. I’ll work the toes simultaneously. But I keep thinking that all these needles or all this extra plastic cording is getting in my way. I did purchase the Hiya Hiya 9″ circs in size 3 and 5 and will try my next knit socks on them. Considering this is only my 3rd knit project, I think I’m doing well!

  • Linda

    Hi i am trying to knit your easy peasy sock on dpn can i use circular needle instead of dpn? I love much longer cord i have 48 inch size 4. I loveto do magic loop method. I have never seen 9 inch circular in my ac moore or joann did they sell them now?

    Please let me know. Thanks love your site

    • Stacey

      Hi Linda- The Easy Peasy Socks refer specifically to using double point needles. I would recommend finding a different pattern that doesn’t reference dpns for using magic loop. There are oodles!

      Some JoAnn’s carry 9″ circulars, but not many. You might need to order them online.

      • Amer Rica

        Thank you for saying there are “oodles” of patterns for the HiyaHiya US Size 9 – 9″ circular needle.
        However, I cannot find one to date specifically for this size needle. if you have one, please share.

        • Stacey

          Hi Amer-
          You can use the 9″ on any sock pattern! There won’t be many specifically written for the size, but once you use it, you’ll realize how many patterns translate :)

  • Nicole

    I think that 9″ circs are one of those things where you either love them or you hate them. I can see the appeal, and I think they could be really useful, but I tried them and HATED them. I have pretty small hands, but they tend to cramp up it I can’t relax them, and the effort of trying to knit on size 0 nine inch needles was just too much for me. I know that a lot of people really like them though, and I think that maybe if I were to get them in a larger size, for mittens or worsted weight socks, they would not hurt my hands as much.
    Stacey, how do you avoid hand strain with such tiny needles?

    • Stacey

      Yeah, you’re right… you love them or hate them! I don’t do anything in particular to avoid cramps… I guess it’s just how my hand bones are configured :)

  • Hev

    It is because of one of your other posts on the 9″ that spurred me to buy them. I never use anything else to knit my socks. I don’t like two-at-a-time so I never worried about that. Plus, I even use mine for in the round knits that are in the needle size I have. So nice to use a 9in until it fits a 16″ or bigger. No ladders or lose stitches. Ahh….I adore you for this.

  • Barbara Reichard

    I’m a crocheter, so my comment is about the yarn shown in this post. Would you let me know what the company andname of the yarn shown is?
    Thanks so much.

  • Barbara Reichard

    I’m a crocheter, so my comment is about the yarn shown in this post. Would you let me know what the company and name of the yarn shown is?
    Thanks so much.

  • Iris

    Mmm, I’m really a two-socks-at-a-time kinda gal, so I don’t think ths will work for me. I use a 40″ circular needle and after about an inch of knitting, the wire really doesn’t get in my way any more. But I have to say it looks stinkin’ cute to see that needle completely covered in the sock in progress! :)

  • Suzanne

    Hello! I’m a fellow fan of the 9″ circs and actually found your post when I googled 9″ circs double zeros. I do love the shorter needles so much and have them in 1s and 2s. I want to drop down to a double zero get more socks done. They go so fast when one does not have to flip around longer needles or tighten at the end of dpns. I’m preaching to the choir, I know.

    • Stacey

      Hi Barb-
      You can use 9″ needles on any pattern you’d like. As I’ve mentioned in other comments, there aren’t many patterns *specifically* for 9″ needles because they haven’t gained as much popularity as other methods- but that shouldn’t stop you from using them!

  • Lisa

    I couldn’t agree with you more “LOVE the 9” I always have 2 or three on the go depending on which colourway will make me the happiest at that time;0)

  • sandra lill

    hi, stacey…

    i have been looking for a sock pattern that is knit on the 9″ circular needle. have not had any luck so far — am i missing something?

    thanks in advance, s.

    • Stacey

      Hi Sandra-
      There are very few patterns specifically written for a 9″, but once you’ve knit a sock before, it’s pretty easy to get how it goes!

  • Heidi

    Do you cast on toe-up for these little guys? Or start with another method and then switch over? It’s the getting started piece I am curious to hear more about. And probably the heel. :) I’vs only done socks toe up, two at a time on one loooong circular, magic loop style. Thanks!

    • Stacey

      I usually do a cuff-down sock, but I’ve done a toe-up as well. In any case, you will need to do the toe on two 9″ circulars or double points.
      The heel doesn’t require any special techniques :)

  • Mary

    Those who don’t love knitting socks on the 9″ circular…please don’t give up too quickly! Yes, the first couple of rounds can be awkward, but once you have four or five rounds completed, you have something to “grab hold of” and it’s much more comfortable.

    Added to the convenience of carrying, and the lack of “ladders”, I’m a believer!

    If your local yarn shop or big box store doesn’t carry the 9″ (or order it for you) there are lots of places online.

  • Lana Hartzell

    I also LOVE the 9″ circular and have all sizes in twos…I use the basic sock pattern cuff down provided by the HiYa HiYa company. There is a tutorial on You Tube provided by Springers Yarn Nook which sells these needles and you can knit along with the 8 videos for each step of making your sock..wonderful for a new beginner.

  • rosa

    Well, I knitted my third sock this tome on a 9 inch by Kollage. I love it. It was easy and no whole. I even contoured to my foot. Try the 9 Indy you will love, too.

  • Carrie

    So…I’m a major two at a time, toe up, magic loop addict, but I just thought I’d try something different, and I’m doing the 9″ circ, one at a time (these socks are so NOT going to match – my ADD is absurd, lol). You mention nothing special for the heel, but do you use a stitch holder? I’m just starting mine, so I’m getting to the heel, but not there yet, and I’m having a hard time envisioning it. I’m sure it will come to me when I get there, but….

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