New eyes, restock + bulk offer for members!

I’m not sure if you noticed, but the eyes shop has been looking pretty sparse since my mega Black Friday sale. I knew I’d sell a lot of eyes that weekend, which is why I put in my new eye order at the start of September!

But because I order some exclusive styles, they have to haul out some pretty obscure molds… and my eyes order just arrived on Friday! Whoa! Felt like forever!

I was busy packing eyes into sweet little packages all weekend… so how about I show you what’s new in the latest shop update?

Bulk Eyes for Members

You know about Ami Club, right? It’s my dream come true: a crochet forum and an adorable monthly pattern plus tutorials and more. And members get 10% off of eyes (yup! Just log in!)

But it’s more. You see, when I started the Club, I wanted to provide a resource for small-biz crafters. You know, the folks who make a few dozen animals for their local craft fair. Or who have their own Etsy shop. Or maybe even have their animals for sale in gift shops. It’s why we have a dedicated Designers & Crafters forum in the forums.

It’s been my plan from the beginning to offer wholesale pricing on certain eyes, and I’m over the moon that it’s here!

Bulk eyes 18mm from FreshStitches wholesale pricing

Squee! I have certain sizes of black eyes bundled in 50-pair packages, and you save more than 40% off the retail price!

I’m able to offer these at the cheapest price I’ve seen online because I buy such huge quantities. I am so excited to offer these bundles to my customers! I really believe that anyone can make a little profit by selling their handmade products, and I want to help you do that!

Bulk pricing is available on: 6mm, 8mm, 10.5mm, 12mm and 18mm black craft eyes.

The bulk pricing is only available to Ami Club members. Seriously, if you want to place an order, what you save by joining will pay your $6 membership! Stock up!


Oh man, I ran out of a lot of things. Most of those are back in stock now!

Eyes from FreshStitchesThat said, I looked at my shipment and said, ‘doh, I didn’t order any more of THOSE?’ You see, I had to place my order before my big sale, so I was just guessing about which items would be popular. A few things sold that I didn’t think to top up on. Oops.

Anyway, almost everything is in stock except 15mm eyes and gold cat eyes. We’ll all just have to go on without those for a bit longer!

40mm clear eyes from FreshStitches

I’m really excited to be restocked on the 40mm jumbo clear craft eyes! These ones are biggies and sold out quickly, last time! They’re sold by the pair (instead of the usual 5-packs), so there’s no reason to not just toss a pair into your cart!

New Comic eye style!

Check these guys out!

Aren’t they huge? They’re 36mm and my biggest craft eye, yet!

These biggies are also also available by the single pair, so you’ll want to try a pair! I’m so excited about these!

Sorry to keep you waiting so long, but now all of the goodies are here! Grab them before they’re gone again!