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It’s another Tip Tuesday! This is the third (and final) week where I’ll be chatting about photography photos for your finished knitted and crocheted items. I’ve given you my 5 Easy Tips and gone into detail about how to get that great white-background photo. Today, I’m going to share my favorite resources with you.

I have absolutely no photography experience except reading online articles and practicing! So, if I can do it… you can do it too!

Etsy Photography Workshop

This, hands down, helped me the most with regards to taking photos of my finished items. Make It Work is a free, hour-long workshop that you can view online anytime.

You’ll get so many great tips… trust me, it’s worth your hour!

Your Camera Manual

Seriously. I know you threw it away. But all you need to do is google the model number of your camera and you can find it online. It’s worth having.

Find Gale Zucker

(or someone just as fantastic). Gale is a photographer and hobby knitter who co-authored Craft Activism. She offers photography for knitters courses at fiber festivals across the country. It’s fab because the class is geared towards photographing your knits… so it’s way cooler than a regular photography class!

Photo courtesy of Gale Zucker

And look… sometimes I even model for her! Isn’t she great? So check out her workshop schedule… she might be coming near you!

More Great Advice

Here are some more of my favorite articles:

Spend a little bit of time poking around these resources… and you’ll be taking mighty fine photos in no time!

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