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Whoa! So much has been happening around here! There’s the new website, Ami Club opening next week, Black Friday sales… oh, and did I mention my in-laws are coming from Australia for Thanksgiving? Their first Thanksgiving ever? No pressure.

With all of that, I’m (as the Aussies would say) “flat out like a lizard drinking”. Which roughly translates to “dog-tired”… but I’m also incredibly excited!

I’m not spilling any beans, but a major international craft magazine just emailed me this morning about featuring Ami Club. Whoa. The club is going to be so good and I just can’t wait until it launches, because I know you’ll love it too.

In my downtime, I finished crocheting my pineapple shawl (it’s SpaceCadet’s Lucina Fingering in the color Drizzle and the pattern is Pineapple Centerpiece #7771. Catchy name, huh?) The pattern is for a doily, and I was hoping that with a thicker yarn and bigger hook, it’d be shawl-size. I even added an extra row of pineapples… and it’s, well, a small shawl. Which is okay. I learned the knot stitch, which is cool even though I’m not sure how much I love the look. For my next one, I want to go bigger, so I’m eyeing this pattern. But it uses 4,000 yards. So, maybe next year.

If you don’t know all 4 colors of cauliflower (or haven’t seen them in one place), then you’ll want to look at this photo I took at my farmer’s market.

You’ve probably noticed that Nelson the Owl (my logo) got a bit of an update. I just finished crocheting a new Nelson. What a cutie!

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Today’s feel good story is this grandma who invited the wrong teen to Thanksgiving and invites him anyway. She says “Of course you can [still come by]. That’s what Grandmas do… feed everyone!” Isn’t that EXACTLY the spirit we all need right now? Spread the love, people.

Oh, and Michael’s JUST tweeted that they’re having a 70% off pre-Black Friday sale.

Let me know what you’re up to! You’ll hear from me again before Thanksgiving!

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