Privacy Policy

FreshStitches values your privacy. The website runs SSL on all pages related to placing an order, so your payment information is securely transmitted and handled via PayPal or Simplify Commerce. We do not have access to or store your personal payment information.

If you have an account on, we collect and store your: name, mailing and shipping address, email, phone number and purchase history. We will not disclose, sell or share any of your personal information to or with third parties.

This site uses cookies if you are logged into your account or placing an order.

We reserve the right to send you emails concerning your order. A typical order will receive a confirmation email, an email containing a shipping notification (and tracking number) and a notification that the transaction has been completed. If you are a member of the Ami Club, you agree to receive monthly emails (as it is an ongoing subscription). You may not unsubscribe from these as a member of the club.

If you receive marketing emails from us in your inbox, it is because you have signed up to receive them. You may unsubscribe at any time.

If you submit a review on a product or send a ‘love note’, we reserve the right to publish the quote on the site and in promotional materials along with your first name.

If you sign up for a swap, you agree to have your mailing address with a fellow ‘swapper’. We cannot be responsible for events that unfold from participating in swaps, as these take place mostly outside of the site.

This site contains links to other websites, and we hold no responsibility for the content or policies on those sites, including differing privacy and data security policies.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact Stacey via email at

P.O. Box 25314

Los Angeles, CA 90025