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Craft Eyes Sampler


You’ve been asking for a sampler box! Available in 2 sizes. Contains the full color array of 12mm pearlescent eyes! (Please scroll down for complete description of contents).

This is your chance to get a large selection of eyes at a great price in a sweet storage box!



Small Sampler Box

The small sampler box measures 5″ x 2.5″ and features a snap-on clasp with 10 compartments and the following eyes:

Large Sampler Box

The large sampler box measures 7″ “x 4” and features a snap-on clasp with 15 compartments and the following eyes:

Defective Boxes

I was looking for cute boxes to put the samplers in and well… let’s just be honest. The ones I bought are kinda crummy. But they’re the perfect size! (I’m looking for better ones!)

The defective boxes are ones where the clasp has broken and therefore, doesn’t snap securely. They’re still functional (as in, they keep the eyes in separate compartments), but don’t throw them in your bag!

Grab a great deal by getting the box for free if you choose a defective one! It’s the eyes you want anyway, right?

Best safety eyes on the web!

FreshStitches is proud to offer an unbeatable selection of animal and comic craft eyes!

Each pair of eyes features:

  • A ridged post, for added security
  • Plastic washers that snap on easily
  • A smooth, high-quality finish

Colored Craft eyes from FreshStitches

Plastic craft eyes are not recommended for use in finished products for children under 3 years of age.

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Weight 4.1 oz
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Small Box, Large Box, Small Box with Defect, Large Box with Defect


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