Handpainted Glitter Eyes


A FreshStitches exclusive: handpainted glitter eyes!

You’ve seen glitter eyes on some popular stuffed animals, and now you can add them to your own plushies! These eyes are available in a variety of sizes and are hand painted.

I’m not gonna fib: there’s no secret to how these are made! You can even buy some Clear Craft eyes and follow my tutorial on How to Paint your own Eyes to do it yourself. But the glitter ones are really time consuming to make. Glitter paint is just clear paint with glitter flecks, so you need to keep adding thin coats (and letting each coat dry) until it’s solid glitter. It’s a lot of coats and a lot of days. You can save all that work and grab them already done!

The price listed is for 1 pair of glitter craft eyes with plastic washers, in the size and color you select. Because these guys are pricey, these are available in single-pair packages.

For our standard catalog of pearl colors, hop to this listing.

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