Stacey’s BIG Birthday Sale!

Do you know what today is?

My Birthday!

And do you know what happens on my birthday? I have a giant FreshStitches pattern sale!

I’m turning 34!

That means that all day today, you’ll get a sale off all of my patterns!

On December 31st (Eastern Standard Time, US) purchase my patterns either on Ravelry or my website and get 24% off all patterns! Yippee! No coupon code is needed!

Members, check the announcements forum for your 34% off coupon code!

I know that FreshStitches readers are all over the globe, so I made this helpful little guide… so that you know exactly when the sale starts in your timezone!

(giggle… I borrowed this graphic from my Thanksgiving Weekend sales… so ignore the text, there’s only one day of sales!)

Start shopping!

You probably know that my birthday is the only time that I offer a discount on all of my patterns… so if there’s a pattern you’ve been wanting, this is the time to get it!

The sale starts at midnight Eastern Standard Time (US) and only lasts 24 hours… so make sure to take advantage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ack! I missed the sale. Can I still get the discount? Nope, sorry! The sale is only for 24 hours!

The pattern is still showing the full price on the website. What’s going on? The sale price doesn’t show until you add the pattern to your cart. Once you do, the sale price will show up!

I added the pattern to my cart, but I’m not seeing the sale price. Are you making the purchase at the right time? The sale is December 31st Eastern Standard Time (US) only. If that’s not the problem, then try using a desktop computer (instead of a phone or tablet), as that sometimes fixes things!

Is there any limit? Nope! Buy as many patterns as you’d like! They won’t be on sale again until next year’s birthday, so stock up!

Are you planning on having an awesome birthday? Of course! Thanks so much for asking! :)


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