Jumbo Striped Dog Crochet Pattern

Meet Carlton the Striped Pup

Whoa! What a puppy! Carlton measures 18″ long (10″ seated) and is an awesome way to use up your leftover yarn… since you can stripe him anyway you’d like! (detailed striping instructions included)

When you’re done, you’ll have a pup you’ll love to cuddle! The adorable hand-painted eyes are available from Suncatcher Eyes.

Materials Required

4 colors of yarn required to crochet size H crochet hook 5.0mm tapestry needle polyester stuffing 12mm black animal eyes

For this pattern, you’ll need 700 yards of worsted weight yarn in 3 (or more) colors, plus 10 yards of white yarn for the eyes. For the sample, I used lots of different yarns, grouped into 3 color groups. Great way to use leftover yarns!

This pattern can be used with any weight yarn, but plan on using more yardage for bulkier yarns.

Skills Required

single crochet increase in crochet changing colors in crochet single crochet double crochet stitch attaching stuffed animal parts

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