Mega Thanksgiving Sale Continues!

Today’s a HUGE day of the sale… all yarn, fabric, needles and eyes are on deep discounts!

A little note: Some products are showing up as the normal price, crossed out, with the normal price again. This is a website glitch! The sale price DOES show up when you add the item to the cart! So, keep shopping!

I have a special deal for members tomorrow for Cyber Monday: goodie bags! More details tomorrow!

Sales start at 12am EST and last 24 hours. Here is a handy tool to help you find this time in your timezone. I’ve converted some popular timezones for you:

clocksWhat’s on sale? Check it out!

Links to the individual items are below… just click to start shopping! Items with an (*) will be discontinued.

sunday-2016_final50% off

40% off

Space Cadet Rainbow mini skeins for FreshStitches

And for a repeat…

FreshStitches I Heart Yarn Necklace

The I heart Yarn Necklaces and Needle & Hook Gauges were 40% off yesterday, but the sale price wasn’t showing properly for everyone (although the correct sale price did appear if you put them in your cart.) So I’m extending the sale for these two items!

Eyes: 25%-36% off (+another 10% for members!)

All FreshStitches Eyes are 25% off!
Eyes from FreshStitches
As always, save 15% when you buy 25 pair (that’s 5 5-pair packages of the same eye). That’s 36% off!

And… Ami Club members always save 10% off of all eye purchases! Yup! That’s on top of sales!

Ami Club-amigurumi crochet club from freshstitches

And you can join Ami Club this weekend and get a FREE month! What are you waiting for?

This is your chance to stock your eyes collection! All eyes only go on sale once a year!

25% off

Happy shopping! Quantities on items are limited, so make sure you get what you’d like to have while it lasts!

I hope you’re having an amazing sale weekend! Be sure to come back tomorrow!






2 replies on “Mega Thanksgiving Sale Continues!

  • Millie

    Have you considered bundles of shades of gray family for those who do photographs?
    In other words bundles of color families to reduce frustration of gathering them hither and yon


    • Stacey

      That’s a great idea! I’m a little limited by the shades that companies make available… but I’ll put my thinking cap on! You’ll notice the rainbow sampler pack contains 5 shades each of grey and brown :)

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